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Tipperary Artist Award Scheme 2023

The Tipperary Artist Award Scheme 2023 is now closed.

This scheme is intended to support professional artists under the following categories:

  1. Professional Development (e.g. further training, workshops or master classes).
  2. Creation of new work. (e.g. materials assistance, exploration/research assistance /to allow time to concentrate on artistic practice, releasing artists from other commitments).
  3. Reaching Audiences (e.g. recording, publication or exhibition assistance)

Note: The value of these awards range from €200 - €1,500 dependent on available budgets and proposals received.   

This scheme is now closed, however the guidelines are still available below for information purposes. We advertise our grant schemes and opportunities in our Arts Office newsletter, you can join the mailing list by emailing “Subscribe” to                  

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