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Tipperary County Council Civic Offices, Clonmel | Civic Offices, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary
Tipperary County Council Civic Offices, Clonmel | Civic Offices, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary

Children Services Committee

The South Tipperary Children’s Services Committee Sub groups

  1. Connecting Youth Sub-Group
  2. Family Support Sub-Group
  3. Youth Mental Health Sub-Group
  4. Free from Harm Sub-Group
  5. Best Practice Inter-Agency Protocol Sub-Group

Aim of Children’s Services Committee:
To promote and develop planning & coordination in service provision for children & young people so as to secure better outcomes in terms of their welfare, wellbeing & development.

Target group:
Children and Young People in South Tipperary

Proposed outcomes:
The development of actions addressing identified priority needs to secure measurable outcomes reflecting the themes of the 5 National Outcomes of the National Children Strategy:

  1. To be Healthy, Physically & Mentally;
  2. To be Supported in Learning;
  3. Safe from Accidental & Intentional Harm and Secure in the immediate & wider physical environment;
  4. Economically Secure; and
  5. Part of positive networks of family, friends, neighbours & the community and included and participating in society.

Stakeholders involved:

  • Representation on the Children’s Services Committee is drawn from the HSE;
  • Túslá / Child & Family Agency;
  • Tipperary Education & Training Board;
  • County Council;
  • An Garda Síochána;
  • Probation service;
  • Youth services;
  • South Tipperary Development Company;
  • FRC/CDP network;
  • National Association of (Secondary)Principals & Deputy Principals;
  • Irish Primary Principals Network;
  • National Education Welfare Board;
  • Tipperary Rural Traveller Project;
  • Community & Voluntary Forum;
  • Barnardos;
  • Dept. of Social Protection;
  • County Childcare Committee.
  • Comhairle na n-Óg is also a key stakeholder on the committee.

Funds/resources committed:
For the most part, staff-time committed by the range of the stakeholders identified above to the various meetings of the Children’s Services Committee and of its Sub-Groups.

Current position?
The actions relating to the various priority areas in the Children’s Services Committee Work Plan are ongoing.

A major development over the past 3 months is the development of the Local Area Pathway (L.A.P.) which is being led out by Túslá / Child & Family Agency. The L.A.P. is a new framework for family support service provision to vulnerable families, providing for earlier multi-agency intervention and a partnership approach with families in need.
As part of this development, the Children’s Services Committee is envisaged as having a role in the development of Children & Family Support Networks, composed of family support services around the county. These CFSNs provide appropriate services for families locally who have been referred under the L.A.P. process.

Work will commence over the coming months in relation to the development of an all county Tipperary Children’s Services Committee.

For Further information see the Tipperary Family Support web site where you will be able to download copies of the South Tipperary Children & Young Peoples Plan http://www.tipperaryfamilysupports.ie/childrens-services

For Further Information Contact:
Ruairí Ó Caisleáin,
Community Development Worker,

An Ghníomhaireacht um Leanaí agus an Teaghlach
Child and Family Agency
34 Queen Street,
Cluain Meala.
Co. Tiobraid Árann Theas.

Tel. (052)6176687 / 087-9953835
E-mail: Ruairi.OCaisleain@tusla.ie

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