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Tipperary County Council Civic Offices, Clonmel | Civic Offices, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary
Tipperary County Council Civic Offices, Clonmel | Civic Offices, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary

STAN – Promoting Mental Health

Aim of Sub-Group: STAN – South Tipperary Action Network promoting positive mental health
A need had been identified within the field of mental health and well being, to bring mental health organisations and support groups together with community and voluntary groups in the South Tipperary Area. To achieve this we are hoping to create a network of organisations, South Tipperary Action Network – STAN.
STAN was formed in 2011 with a view to organising networking meetings so that we can collaboratively improve the lives of all those effected by Mental health issues – which is all of us.
STAN is now a network of mental health service providers established to provide networking and training opportunities for people and organisation working in the mental health area in South Tipperary.
Target group: Whole County Population
Work Completed to date:

  1. STAN Web site has a virus and needs to be rebuilt – STAN group seeking resourdces to rebuild website www.stanmentalhealth.ie
  2. South Tipperary Mental Health Service Booklet currently being updated by sub group of STAN and it is hoped it will be printed in the new year
  3. WRAP training has been completed
  4. Suicide prevention sub group developed and draft action plan that will feed into STAN plan developed- successful in receiving from national suicide prevention office for 12K to cover cost suicide prevention actions:
    1. a. Psychological training for post event / Critical incidence management training
    2. b. Actions around Suicide Prevention Day – Sept 10th will be developed for 2014
    3. c. Group will focus on Bereavement Support in 2014
    4. d. Stress Management Training
  5. 5. Building resilience event on World Mental Health Day (completed)
  6. 6. Sub group re Festival of mental Health Week focused around world mental health week has been developed and is being chaired by HSE rep
  7. 7. HSE Advancing Recovery in Ireland project (AER- Genio HSE project) has commenced and Ann Ryan representing STAN on it.

Stakeholders involved:
Currently there is a STAN Steering Group in place to help establish STAN with membership from Service Users, Mental Health Ireland, Grow, Community & Voluntary Forum, County Council, HSE Mental Health, Health Promotion & Community Development Services, the Carers Association, South Tipperary Mental Health Association, South Tipperary Employability Service, South Tipperary Development Company, VEC Community education Service, MH Advocacy Services, and Cluain.
Funds/resources committed:

  • Improved Service Delivery through Existing Resources
  • A Lottery application was successful.
  • Resource / support from the VEC & STDC are in place. County Council & RAPID community budgets also contributing to the training.

What is the current position?

  • Steering Group meeting quarterly unless necessary to call another meeting – focus on sub group structure to carry out work.
  • Actions agreed for 2013 with a subgroup for each action as follows:
    1. a. Updating the South Tipperary Mental Health Service Booklet – Lead: Deirdre Barry, HSE
    2. b. Festival of mental Health Week – Lead: Geraldine Flynn
    3. c. Training – Lead: Hilda O’ Neill, HSE & training subgroup
    4. d. Networking events- Lead: Julie White – Community & Voluntary Forum
    5. e. Suicide Awareness / Information / Prevention – Lead: Ann Ryan , Tipperary Local Authority
  • Training initiatives been planed for early 2014.


    • Opportunities to provide training for front line staff in mental health
    • Mental health huge issue at present
    • Ongoing funding to deliver action plan
    • Link in place with youth mental health group.

    For Further information contact:

    Ann Ryan
    Administrative Officer
    Tipperary Local Authority
    Community & Enterprise Section
    Access Officer
    Ballingarrane House
    Co. Tipperary
    052 6187081
    087 9483061