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Tipperary County Council Civic Offices, Clonmel | Civic Offices, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary
Tipperary County Council Civic Offices, Clonmel | Civic Offices, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary

Tipperary Age Friendly County Committee

Aim of Sub-Group:

  1. Networking
  2. Information
  3. Combat Isolation
  4. Keep watching brief on both Louth and Kilkenny re Age Friendly County to ensure that the ESRG would be ready to commence action once the call was made.

Target group: Older people in South Tipperary, People working with Older People and Interested Community Members
Long Term Vision – Develop South Tipp as Age Friendly County
Proposed outcomes:
The outcomes of South Tipperary Age Friendly County fit under the following headings

  • Outcome 1 : Outdoor Spaces and Buildings
  • Outcome 2: Transportation
  • Outcome 3: Housing
  • Outcome 4: Respect and Social Inclusion
  • Outcome 5: Social Participation
  • Outcome 6: Communication and Information
  • Outcome 7: Civic Participation and Employment
  • Outcome 8: Community Support and Health Services

Below are the current outcomes achieved from these headings

  1. Developing & Working on a South Tipperary Age Friendly County Action Plan 2012-2014
  2. Networking: Involvement with the Bealtaine Festival & County wide programme of events for Positive Ageing Week - Friday 27th September to Saturday 5th October 2013
    • Events included Information sessions on Elder Abuse, Safety in the Community & Drugs use & The Elderly
    • ST VEC will host Community Education Classes across South Tipperary
    • A cook book with inputs by all groups in South Tipp called ‘Like Mother Made’ was produced
    • Invitations were sent to all relevant groups across South Tipperary to get involved in this week and support to organise events was distributed.
    • The Annual Tea Dance took place in Hall Na Feile on 3rd October & over 115 older people from all over South Tipperary Attended.
    • In total or 30 events took place during the week and were advertised by the committee
    • Work is already taking place on actions for PAW 2014
  3. Information: A Directory of Services with clear references where to get additional information was produced and was officially launched in October 2010. – it is now proposed to develop a web site integrating this directory with the Mental Health directory and the family support directory with support from South Tipperary Volunteer Centre – in development. The content of the directory is being updated at present by STCVF
  4. Combating Isolation – libraries investigating buddy system being run in North Tipperary. The libraries are seen as a huge resource to older people in South Tipperary and this resource is being highlighted to older persons groups in South Tipperary
  5. Lobby on behalf on Older People as issues arise examples of this during 2013 included disseminating information from Age Action Ireland on Budget Cuts, fears about the medical card and the telephone allowance cuts.
  6. STCVF are collating information on weather advise for older people in the event of serve weather in the latter part of 2013 and early 2014. STCVF is getting support from various agencies re this.
  7. Continued support to projects working directly to support older people in south Tipperary such as STDC Care & Repair, Muintir Na Tire – Warmer Homes & South Tipperary Genio Dementia Project
  8. Submission to the County Safety Strategy re the concerns of older people. An action has been developed from this to complete a consultation with 8 older persons groups in South Tipperary to gather data on their concerns re safety in the home. Information about remaining safe in the home will be collated into a leaflet that will then be distributed across South Tipperary.
  9. An information session on Good Morning Tipperary has taken place with the committee.

Stakeholders involved:
South Tipperary County Council –Community & Enterprise, HSE, Libraries, Millennium Family Resource Centre, Spafield FRC, Cashel Chamber, Active Retirement reps, Muintir na Tire, South Tipperary Community & Voluntary Forum, Lions Club Reps, STVC
Funds/resources committed:
Age Action Ireland & Bluebird Care- €200 grant for Positive Aging Week 2013
Cashel Town Council - €150
South Tipperary Co Co Funding 2013 - €700
Application sent to Community Foundation re funding for support for Active Citizenship for older people – Awaiting outcome
Current position?

  • South Tipperary steering committee meets to deliver outcomes stated above, which meets every 2 months. Sub Groups are set up accordingly
  • Action plan developed for 2012 - 2014 and this will be continued to been followed in 2014
  • Preparation for Positive Ageing week for Sept/Oct 2014
  • Safety Consultation for South Tipperary
  • Additional actions added to the Age Friendly county plan:
    1. Genio Dementia Project
    2. Arts in elderly settings project pilot with South Tipperary VEC & The HSE
    3. Support to Good Morning Tipperary

Over the coming months the committee will be examining the possibilities and challenges in relation to developing a whole of County Tipperary Age Friendly County Committee.

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