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Clonmel Community Conversations Substance Use - Clubs, Groups, Organisations

Clonmel Community Conversations - Clubs and Groups
12 October 2023

The purpose of this conversation is to explore the experience of substance use amongst Clubs, Groups and Organisations in Clonmel and consider what impacts it has for their members. Once we have captured this understanding and shared it, then the conversation can move on to consider what Clubs, Groups and Organisations can do individually, working together and working with service providers to help secure a healthy and safe community for everyone.


Slaintecare Healthy Communities launched in Clonmel in 2022. A consultation took place in 2022 with children and young people in Clonmel Slaintecare Healthy Communities (SHC) catchment area to ascertain what community development children and young people would like to see addressed in the SHC catchment area.

Findings reported children and young people want a safe, vibrant and fun place to live. Issues identified were vaping, drugs misuse and safe spaces to hang out. Through meeting community members in Clonmel the issue of substance misuse featured.

An interagency group was formed called the Quality of Life Alliance to consider collectively what those working in statutory and non-statutory agency and services in the town felt were determinant areas needing to be developed collectively.

This led to the forming of a Substance Use Subgroup, who created an Action Plan of responses to the issue for implementation in Clonmel.

There are a range of actions within this plan and different agencies and services are working on implementing these actions. To fully address the area of Substance Use in Clonmel a community approach is required where we all contribute and support and make ourselves more aware and involved in actively making Clonmel the safe, vibrant and fun place to live, and to address the issues that have already been identified.

We plan to hold four Community Conversations about Substance use in Clonmel under following groups:

Ø Vintners, Hospitality, Corporate Companies & Chamber of Commerce

18th October 3.00-4.30 PM Hillview Clonmel


Clubs, Groups and Organisations

Hotel Minella

25th October 7.30-9 P.M.

Bookings on Eventbrite link below:-


Ø Lived Experience

Date TBC

Ø Parents, Schools

Date TBC

This conversation will be open to all Clubs, Groups and Organisations in Clonmel and will be hosted by professional facilitators on the night.

Format of the evening

1. Registration

2. Welcome and Introduction

3. Small group discussions with facilitators, focused on 3 questions (below).

a. Introduce yourself and share own experience of substance misuse.

b. What do the impacts on your business look like? How is it impacting your Club, Group, Organisation and you personally? How knowledgeable are you about substance misuse? What effect is Substance Use having on the town of Clonmel?

c. What is one thing or action that you would like to do as a business and what help might you need, to do that?