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Tipperary County Council Civic Offices, Clonmel | Civic Offices, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary
Tipperary County Council Civic Offices, Clonmel | Civic Offices, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary

Tyre and Waste Tyres Information

Don't Burn Bury or Dump Tyres!
Waste tyres cause long-term environmental pollution if disposed of incorrectly such as: Burning, Dumping or Burying.

The Waste Management (Tyres and Waste Tyres) Regulations 2017 promote the environmentally sound management of waste tyres..
The Regulations assist in preventing the likelihood of environmental pollution associated with the incorrect disposal of waste tyres.

Advice if you deal in Tyres
Any businesses selling tyres, whether: importers, wholesalers, suppliers, traders or retailers, must Register with the Government Approved Body:
telephone 01 461 8600,
e-mail: info@repakelt.ie
Website: www.repakelt.ie

Any business involved in collection or recovery/recycling of waste tyres must register with REPAK ELT.

Farmers and Tyres
Can farmers get tyres?
NO. Tyre Retailers cannot give tyres to farmers.

Advice for Farmers is provided here: https://repakelt.ie/farmers/

Government Approved Body
The Approved Body under the Regulations is REPAK ELT (ELT = "End of Life Tyres")

Red Cow Interchange Estate,
Clondalkin Dublin 22,
D22 HW67.
e-mail: info@repakelt.ie,
Tel: 01 4618 600,
Fax: 01 4030 929,
Website: www.repakelt.ie

Any queries in relation to the Regulations should be addressed to:

Environment & Climate Action Section
Customer Services Desk,
Tipperary County Council,
Civic Offices
Nenagh or Clonmel,
Co. Tipperary

Tel: 0818 06 5000
Email: customerservices@tipperarycoco.ie

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What/Who is a “Producer” under the Waste Tyres Regs?

A commercial enterprise that Imports tyres into the Country is a Producer.

What is my obligation if I retail tyres but don’t import from outside the state?

Commercial Enterprises who supply working tyres to the public or Garages have two primary obligations:
1. Register with an approved Government Body (REPAK ELT) or with Tipperary County Council as a Supplier.
2. Use an Authorised Waste Collector to remove tyres from your premises.

How often do I have to register as a supplier of tyres to the public or garages?

Annual Registration, before the 1st of February every year.

What is the cost of registration?

The Cost of Registration depends on the activity and fees are provided by REPAK ELT www.repakelt.ie
e-mail: info@repakelt.ie,
Telephone: 01 461 8600,

I am a garage owner can I give waste tyres to farmers?

No, not unless the Farmer has registered as per the Regulations.

Can I tell the customer to take their own waste tyres away?

You must have a specific Notice erected informing the public of your intent. The Notice is defined in the Regulations. Contact the Customer Services Desk in regard to this issue.

As a garage owner how do I remove waste tyres?

Garage owners must use Authorised Waste Collectors to remove their waste tyres.

Who are authorised waste tyre collectors?

Anyone who wishes to collect tyres must hold a valid Waste Collection Permit so they are Authorised Waste Collectors. All Authorised Waste Collectors must either register with (REPAK ELT)

Can I give waste tyres to people for Halloween?

No! Garage owners are obliged to only use Authorised Waste Collectors to remove their waste tyres.
The burning of Waste Tyres is extremely hazardous and illegal

The number of tyres on my farm used for anchoring a silage pit or pits exceeded 8 waste tyres per m2. Do I have to get rid of the surplus?


You need to ensure that you do not exceed 8 waste tyres per square metre of your silage pit once you move waste tyres used for anchoring silage pit cover/s.

You must, however, ensure that all waste tyres are stored at all times in an manner which would not endanger human health or harm the environment, and in particular would not
a. Create a risk to waters, the atmosphere, land, soil, plants or animals
b. Adversely affect the visual impact on the landscape
c. Pose a fire risk by virtue of the manner in which the waste tyres are being stored
d. Result in mixing with other waste streams (e.g. farm plastics, empty containers) when stored

Can I get waste tyres to anchor silage pit covering?

Yes, provided–

  • You have a valid herd or flock number issued by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food
  • You are using your silage pit to store fodder
  • You do not store more than the permitted amount of waste tyres

How do I get waste tyres for my silage pit if I need them?

As a farmer you can obtain waste tyres from one of two routes:
From an authorised waste collector who is registered with an Approved Body (REPAK ELT) or with your local authority and has a valid waste collection permit authorising the transport waste tyres. You, the farmer, are not required to be registered under this option.

Directly from a tyre fitter or retail outlet provided that you, the farmer, are registered with an Approved Body (REPAK ELT) or with your local authority and that the tyre fitter or retail outlet, where waste tyres are being sourced, is registered with an Approved Body (REPAK ELT) or with their local authority.

If you are offered waste tyres from a waste collector, you should check that the person or company offering them has a valid waste collection permit for transporting waste tyres.

I do not use waste tyres for anchoring silage, can I still store waste tyres?

Yes, provided they are incidental to your business as a farmer.

How many waste tyres can I store to anchor silage?

8 tyres for each m2 (square metre) of Silage Pit area. Further advice can be obtained from the Farming Section on REPAK ELT www.repak.ie

How do I dispose of Waste Tyres?

You must dispose of waste tyres to an authorised waste collector with a permit to transport waste tyres. REPAK ELT will provide you with a list of authorised Waste Tyre Collectors www.repak.ie