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Draft Thurles Town Centre Renewal Strategy - Feedback

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Tipperary County Council has commissioned LUC, an integrated environmental and design consultancy, to prepare a Town Centre Renewal Strategy for Thurles.

Consultation was carried out with stakeholders and the local community in early 2020 to help establish baseline information for the project. This included an understanding of the issues and opportunities relating to Thurles.

Here’s a link to a video summarising our key findings from the initial engagement

Alongside comprehensive site analysis, LUC have fed consultation information into the Town Centre Renewal Strategy to help develop a 10-year vision for the town centre, supported by Key Objectives and Key Projects.

We now want to consult with stakeholders and the local community again to get your feedback on our first draft of the Town Centre Renewal Strategy to ensure that we haven’t missed anything.
We also want to start to establish links between the community and potential projects.

We will summarise the key outputs from the Draft Strategy document in this survey, but if you would like to read the full draft, please access it via this link: Draft Thurles Renewal Strategy for Consultation.pdf

Supporting documents as follows are available upon request:
-Draft Archaeological Heritage Assessment
-Draft Architectural Heritage Assessment

You are invited to drop into one of the temporary displays at either The Source, Cathedral Street, Thurles, E41 A4E8 or the entrance foyer of Tipperary County Council Municipal District Office, Castle Avenue, Thurles, E41 KA44, where you will have the opportunity to fill in and submit paper surveys at either location if this is preferable to the online survey. Should you wish to engage in a face to face meeting, this can be arranged by video conference on Thursday 22nd October in a ten minute time slot between 10.00 and 12.30. Appointments can be scheduled by emailing julie.hyslop@landuse.co.uk

Welcome to our 2nd Survey!

This survey should take a maximum of 10 minutes to complete and will remain open until Monday 2nd November 2020.
Thank you very much for your time. You are helping to shape the future of Thurles.

Liberty Square Aerial

The Renewal Strategy seeks to establish Thurles as a sustainable, thriving and vibrant town centre, which will support the future growth of the town and the needs of its residents through the development of both its natural and built environment. Thurles will capitalise fully on its rich cultural and built heritage, and highly strategic location, and be an attractive and prosperous place to live, work and visit.

River Suir

These are the Key Objectives for Thurles Town Centre. Objectives are the things we want to achieve:
– The Creation of a Compact, Low-Carbon, Climate Resilient Town
– The Creation of a Vibrant and Living Town Centre
– The Delivery of a Connected Town with Improved Access
– The Creation of a Destination Town
– The Celebration of Thurles Historic and Natural Heritage


The list below represents the Key Projects identified for delivery in Thurles Town Centre. Key Projects are the practical methods used to deliver the objectives mentioned in the previous question. Each project sits under an objective. We have tried to give a little more detail where the title may not fully explain the project:

The Creation of a Compact, Low Carbon, Climate Resilient Town:

– Development of a Masterplan for Friar Street / Castle Avenue - The development of a masterplan for the Friar Street/Castle Avenue backlands area, as part of a mixed-use scheme with residential focus.
– Development of a Masterplan for St.Patrick’s College - The development of student residential accommodation, recreational facilities, and teaching spaces in the land to the rear of the existing campus.
– Thurles as a Sustainable Energy Community – The development of a collaborative, community-led approach to drive the transition of the town to a low carbon community and economy.
– Creation of a Flexible Shared Workspace - The repurposing of a vacant Town Centre building into a co-working office space.
The Creation of a Vibrant and Living Town Centre:
– Creation of a Vacant Property Strategy - A suite of measures is proposed to stimulate demand, increase footfall and reverse the current trend in high vacancy rates.
– Establish Homes on the High Street - Improving the residential offer in and around the Town Centre to introduce a greater diversity of Town Centre uses.
– Establish Pop-Up Shops - The repurposing of vacant units into short term, temporary activity, leisure and retail spaces.
– Regeneration through Recreation, Education and Support for Local Producers - The establishment of a flexible multi-use space, which provides for regular events such as exercise classes, matchday gatherings, markets and craft fairs, to enhance the sense of place in Thurles, as well as the local cultural tradition.
– Create a Public Realm Design Guide - The delivery of a public realm design guide to provide a framework for all future development within the Town Centre and build on the proposals already adopted within the Liberty Square Enhancement Scheme.
– Establish Purple Flag Status - A review of Thurles’ live music and night time experience through the Purple Flag framework.
– Guidelines in Response to Covid-19 - The application of national guidelines tailored to Thurles Town Centre will be required, to find a balance between optimising activities and keeping people safe
The Delivery of a Connected Town with Improved Access:
– Local Transport Plan - As a Key Town, the preparation of a Local Transport Plan will be required. This will seek to improve accessibility and sustainable transport within the Town Centre.
– Gateway Point Enhancement - The enhancement of the arrival experience at key gateway locations into the Town Centre.
– Develop a Wayfinding and Interpretation Strategy - Improvements to the signage and interpretation provision within the Town Centre, to ensure that visitors fully appreciate all the town has to offer when navigating the streetscape.
The Creation of a Destination Town:
– Develop a Unique Tourism Offer Linked to the GAA - The development of a comprehensive offer showcasing the town’s sporting heritage and capitalising on Thurles’ unique GAA offer.
– Develop Thurles as a Destination Town - The development of links with other towns and tourism assets within Tipperary so that a comprehensive county-wide tourism offer can be promoted
The Celebration of Thurles Historic and Natural Heritage:
– Establish a Community Growing Scheme - The identification of suitable areas for a community growing scheme, alongside an initial engagement programme to establish interested parties
– Create Parklets - The transformation of underused street corners and parking bays into temporary raised planters and seating areas.
– Establish an Urban Tree Network - The planting of trees along the Town Centre streets and the perimeters of the many existing green spaces including school grounds, sports fields, church yards, grass verges, the River Suir and the Town Park.
– Develop an Architectural Research and Conservation Strategy - A detailed understanding of the Town Centre fabric, built, and social environment will help to inform future regeneration proposals and stimulate investment in the built environment.
– Develop an Archaeological Heritage Research Framework - A more comprehensive understanding of the archaeological heritage of Thurles is required in order to inform subsequent actions. The framework will focus on the conservation of archaeological assets within the town, including the Black Castle, supported by appropriate interpretation and wayfinding.
– Develop Town and River Walks - The development of a connected network of walking trails.
– Create a Riverside Destination - The provision of new riverside activities to activate the River Suir corridor


Please ignore this question if you are not involved in any groups

We are now going to ask for a little more information to help understand the demographics of respondents.

If you would like to be involved in any further consultation activity or kept up to date in relation to this project, please add your contact details below.