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Tipperary County Council Civic Offices, Clonmel | Civic Offices, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary
Tipperary County Council Civic Offices, Clonmel | Civic Offices, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary

Irish Water Press Release: Clonmel Town and surrounding areas

August 13 2019 - Irish Water has issued the following press release. A period of adverse weather and resulting operational issues led to supply interruptions over recent days in Clonmel Town and surrounds. Irish Water would like to apologise to customers for any interruptions and assure them we have been actively working with Tipperary County Council to restore full service. We are working towards having full supply returned to all customers later this evening.

Clonmel Town and surrounding area is served by a combination of ground and surface water sources, with Water Treatment Plants at Monroe (ground water), Glenary (surface water) and Poulavanogue (surface water).

Heavy rain last Thursday night and Friday affected incoming water quality serving Poulavanogue Water Treatment Plant, and the plant had to be turned off on Friday. Glenary remained fully operational throughout the adverse weather, and parts of the town and area normally served by Poulavanogue were switched to supply from Glenary Treatment Plant. This resulted in intermittent service and reduced pressure to some customers as the system filled.

At present works are ongoing at Poulavanogue treatment plant to return the plant to normal service. Water was reintroduced to the system early this morning. However issues occurred with airlocks which affected supply to parts of Clonmel town centre. These issues have now been resolved and the intention is to reintroduce water to the network from Poulavanogue later this evening. When the water is reintroduced, customers may experience reduced pressure which is a result of air locks that may arise in the system. Crews will work on the network late tonight and early tomorrow morning to release any air locks that may arise. It is anticipated that normal service will be fully restored by tomorrow morning. In the meantime we are continuing to supplement the supply from Glenary Water Treatment Plant to maintain supply to the majority of customers.

Water is also being introduced to the Mountain Road area from 3.30 pm today (Tuesday). However it may take some time for normal supply and pressure to return. Alternative water supplies have been made available at Hillview and at Mountain Road and will remain in place until a full supply is restored.

Separately there was a pump failure serving the Giantsgrave strategic reservoir on the Monroe Scheme, which occurred on Sunday. The pumps have been repaired. However during the course of the repairs the reservoir emptied, leading to outages affecting customers in the Cashel Road & Northern Area of Clonmel. Reservoir levels are recovering and a normal supply should now be returning to all customers.

Should any customer continue to have issues with their supply, they can contact the Irish Water customer care line at 1850 278 278.
Irish Water are committed to safeguarding our water for your future. Further information can be found on www.water.ie

Tuesday, 13 August, 2019 - 16:30
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