Tipperary County Council
Civic Offices, Clonmel | Civic Offices, Nenagh,
Co. Tipperary
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Tipperary County Council Civic Offices, Clonmel | Civic Offices, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary
Tipperary County Council Civic Offices, Clonmel | Civic Offices, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary

Our Mission

Tipperary County Council will promote, cultivate and develop an inclusive community, thriving economy and excellent quality of life. It will be a place where all families and individuals can prosper. Tipperary County Council strives to balance the demands of a vibrant economy with the demands of a healthy and sustainable environment.
Our Vision

To lead and deliver on sustaining, promoting and improving the social, community, cultural and economic well being of all citizens in the county of Tipperary through a positive proactive partnership approach to service delivery.

Our Values

The following key words underpin the values in our section:

Responsiveness, fairness, co-operation, quality, accountability, leadership, competency, efficiency, communication, teamwork, partnership and collaboration.

Our commitment to our Customers

We aim to provide a professional service that reflects your needs and expectations of our customers and of our elected representative in the County Tipperary. To achieve this we make the following commitments:

If you seek access to our services we endeavour to:

• deal with all queries, correspondence and applications for assistance fairly, professionally and consistently and explain where possible the basis for any decision made.

• make any decision required as soon as all the relevant information becomes available and ensure the quality of work in all areas is of a high standard.

If you visit our office, we endeavour to:

• treat you in a polite, courteous and fair manner.

• ensure that you have your privacy respected and that all matters are dealt with in a confidential manner.

If you contact us by telephone we endeavour to:

• operate a telephone information service from 9:30 to 16.30 Monday to Friday. (expect on bank holidays and holiday periods)
• answer all calls promptly and in a polite and friendly manner, identify ourselves to all callers when answering a telephone query and ensure confidentiality in dealing with all calls.

• provide information to all callers as quickly as possible and ensure that, if we are unable to deal with a query promptly, we will call customers back as soon as possible.

• if out of office for more than two days a message will be left on voice mail stating this and advising that we will respond on return or alternatively offer the option to contact the Office Manger if urgent.

If you send us a letter, fax or email we endeavour to:

• acknowledge receipt of all relevant correspondence within 7 working days of receiving same and ensure that a substantive reply to a query will issue within 20 working days where information is readily available. All replies to queries will be in a clear, concise and easily understood manner

• ensure that correspondents are aware that complex matters and matters of a legal nature can require longer time frames.

• provide a contact name and telephone number in all correspondence issued and ensure that correspondence does not go unanswered when individual staff members are absent from the office.

• If your correspondence comes within the remit of another agency, we will direct the correspondence to that body and inform you accordingly.

• In the event of annual leave or absences due to business, holding communication from the Office Manager will be issued within 3 days of receipt.

In the provision of a service through e-communications we endeavour to:

• ensure that our website is tailored to meet the needs of our customers and is accessible and that any customer who wishes to conduct their business electronically is facilitated.
• if out of office for more than two days an instant reply message will be sent automatically stating this and advising that we will respond on return or alternatively offer the option to contact the Office Manger if urgent.

Applications for Grant Schemes or Course/Programme Applications
Applications for Grant Schemes Course/Programme Applications will vary depending on which scheme being applied. With exception in relation to the specific schemes outlined below, we will acknowledge receipt of your application within 7 working days.
Application for Community Facilities Grants Scheme :
We will acknowledge receipt of your application within 5 working days.

Course/Programme Applications of the Sports Partnership:
We will acknowledge receipt of your application within 5 working days.
Receipt will be sent to you within 5 working days.
Where further information is required we will contact you directly.

Application for Grants and Schemes under the Arts Programme
We will acknowledge receipt of your application within 6 working days.

Where further information is required we will write to you directly outlining items outstanding.
We will subsequently write to you advising you of our decision on your application.
We will also liaise with relevant agencies in relation to certain applications, as required.

Economic or Enterprise queries
Economic or Enterprise queries which arise from referrals from other stake holders in enterprise development (LEO, Local Development Company, Enterprise Ireland, IDA, etc.,) from staff or County Councillors.
We will respond to enquiries on new start-ups and/or enterprise space within 2 days.
Face to face meeting will be arranged and completed within a 10 day working period.
Playground faults reported by public
We will respond to reports on Playground faults within 1 working day by:
Municipal Playgrounds: Referring the fault to the Municipal District Engineer to carry out Inspection reports on playground
Community Playgrounds: The playground contact in C&E will contact the community playground group within 2 days to inform them about the fault and requesting they correct it.

Evaluation and reporting

We are committed to evaluating the customer service we deliver and to reporting on that service in our annual reports. We encourage the participation of representative organisations in feedback systems.

Help us to help you

We are committed to providing a high quality service to all our customers. We welcome your help in doing this by making any comments, suggestions or complaints about the service you receive. We regard complaints as an important source of information for improving our services for the future.

Complaints procedure

All complaints should be made in writing to Director of Services, Community & Enterprise Section, County Hall, Clonmel, Co Tipperary. You should include your name, address, telephone number/email address and exact nature of what you were dissatisfied with.

Commitments when dealing with Formal complaints:

• We will acknowledge all complaints within five working days
• We will investigate all complaints and issue a reply to your complaint within 15 working days. Where this is not possible, an interim reply will issue explaining the position and advising when a substantive response will issue.
• All complaints will be treated promptly, fairly, impartially and in confidence
• We will ensure that no complaint you have made in good faith will be used to your disadvantage in the future
• We will endeavour to learn from mistakes to ensure that errors are not repeated.

If you are unsatisfied, who can you appeal to?

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the investigation, you have the right to appeal to the Office of the Ombudsman. The Ombudsman is completely independent of the Government and the service is free. Nothing in this complaint procedure affects your statutory rights under Freedom of Information, Data Protection or other relevant legislation.