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Tipperary County Council Civic Offices, Clonmel | Civic Offices, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary
Tipperary County Council Civic Offices, Clonmel | Civic Offices, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary

Summerhill, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary

2000 sq. ft.
Retail Unit
For Sale

Overall Floor Area: 2000 sq. ft.Purpose built Dry Cleaners & Launderette enjoying excellent footfall. The property is between the town\'s commercial trading centre and a large number of high density housing developments. Over the years the owners have established a loyal clientel making this a very attractive proposition.

Shop front 20\' wide. Commercial unit being sold with all contents included. The business is fully licensed and is fully fire compliant. Security CC coverage.
The entire front area also benefits from a roll down security cover. Dry Cleaning Entrance: Tiled/carpeted flooring, reception area and front line desk. To the right is the meandering conveyor belt for finished articles ready for the customer.
Spencer Sprint 300 unit is located directly behind main desk. Plenty of shelving, and storage in the customer focused area.
Rear Work Areas: Rear area corridor; As you lead into the rear work area, directly overhead is the loft section which holds two 500gallon water tanks, storage for spare parts and access to pipe work. Located in this section are : 2 x Hoffman Presses. 1 x \"Formet\", 1 x Cold ironing press (which can be operated with the small steam press so that you do not have to use the large boiler). Two x spotting boards, one steaming and one spotting.
Note: There is total access here to the back workings of the Industrial Dryers from the Launderette.
Leaving the corridor, one walks into a square and quite large work area with the Drying Room to your right as you leave the corridor. Drying Room; There is a fan designed and built by the owner which draws heat from the top of the dryers and leads it into the \"drying room\". This is very important, especially in the present day, for delicate fabrics and which is unique to Arra Cleaners. It is a drying area for delicate fabrics and also helps to eliminate major costs. Marine plywood surrounds and vented to the top, the fan operates from the ground up, this area is perfect for gentle handling of many fragile and expensive items.
Beside the drying room is a storage rack for larger items (duvets etc)
Directly beside that is a 100lbs Dry Cleaner machine for large curtains etc.
Two \"Fulton\" Boilers for steam for heating the dryers. (min 80lbs pressure)

Centre Area: A 100lb Extractor. 16kg Washing machine (hot/delicates/steamed)
To the rear of this are;
Racks of storage for different spare parts and items required for the smooth running of the dry cleaning machines. Two Rex 7kg Washing machines. 30lb Steam Dryer \"Borg\" Dryer.
\"Exio\" Presser.
\"Format\" machine. All of this centre area is for \"contract\" work. The owner would have large contracts secured and dealt with in this section while the remaining areas were equally busy and capable of the day to day running of the normal operation. Both areas separate and running parallel.
Right hand side section: Ground floor level there is a 250gallon water tank combined with this is a heating exchanger which means that one is using the condensed water to circulate back into the washing machines to ensure constant hot water for the washing machines, thereby creating a eco friendly and cost friendly revolving system.
A \"Brevetti\" washing machine for very delicate fabrics. \"Primus\" circulates the condensed water from the drying operation back into the entire washing machine system.
This is a double coil system. Again, reducing overheads and taking maximum advantage of the available machines\' capabilities.

This area can be easily accessed from the work areas. The entire area enjoys a separate street entrance and plenty of walk about space. Bright and welcoming, the section has washing machines to one side and dryers to the other. There is no fuss with coins etc. as all of this machines are operated directly from the reception area on demand. The contents are:

6 Industrial dryers to one side with seating area.Tiled flooring. To the opposite side there are 8 Industrial washing machines. Two 7kg top loading dryers (hydro extractors). Security cameras.
Rear door to private work area to the rear. Launderette payment system: This area is operated directly from the reception, the customer arrives in through the designated Launderette entrance, pays for their requirements at the entrance hatch and continues on to the Launderette section. The payment hatch looks onto the Dry Cleaners main reception desk (which helps to maximise your employee work requirements and again aims to lessen overheads).
The control area for all machines in the Launderette are at the reception desk and each machine will only be turned on when paid for at the customer hatch.

2 X 1,000Gallon Oil Tanks underground to the front of the property. Can be filled from the front and switched on separately. There is also an underground 1,000gallon water tank storage which is used for collecting rain water from the downpipes which also proves eco friendly and resourceful. This can be accessed near the rear aspect door.

Entrance right of way from Church Street. There are two 300 gallon oil tanks to the rear (one located in a small shed) these are connected to the front if required.

Building: Built circa 1920\'s.
Approx. size; W. 20\' x D. 100\'
Interior size; approx 2,000sq.ft. (186sq.m)
New Roof and complete New Front in recent years.
Both single and Three Phase ESB supply.
Provision is made to the front design so as to detach a particular area in order to assist with the moving in or out of any of the large machines.
As this is a going concern, should the proposed purchaser wish to continue the business, the owner is willing to assist with a professional hand over to minimise loyal customer disruption. However, this can be discussed separately.

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Lee Auctioneers
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087 8531903
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