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Tipperary County Council Civic Offices, Clonmel | Civic Offices, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary
Tipperary County Council Civic Offices, Clonmel | Civic Offices, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary


Stage 1 – Pre-Draft

At this early stage in the Plan-making process there is no Draft Plan prepared, rather the Council is seeking input from stakeholders, communities, businesses and services providers to determine what the Plan should contain. The Council welcomes in particular, submissions from our young people and from children. To help support your consideration and involvement at this early stage the following have been prepared for you.

Have your say!

This Stage 1 consultation process runs from Friday 18th September 2020 to Monday 16th November 2020. Submissions or observations must be submitted by 4pm on Monday 16th November 2020 in one of the following ways.

Make a submission

Email: cdp@tipperarycoco.ie

In writing to either:

County Development Plan Review,
Planning Policy and Projects Unit,
Tipperary County Council,
Civic Offices,
Co. Tipperary
County Development Plan Review,
Planning Policy and Projects Unit,
Tipperary County Council,
Civic Offices,
Co. Tipperary

Important things to note in making your submission:
  • Please insert the heading ‘County Development Plan Review’ on your submission.
  • Please make sure your submission in one medium only i.e. via on-line form, email or by post.
  • All submissions must include your name and contact address, a map (where appropriate), and where relevant, details of any organisation, community group or company, etc, which you represent.
  • Submission or observations can be on a topic that you think is relevant to the proper planning and sustainable development of County Tipperary.
  • Children or groups and associations representing the interests of children are particularly welcome to make submissions or observations.
  • If you consider that you have a disability, please give details of any special requirements for public consultation purposes in order that appropriate arrangements can be made.
  • Submissions on landzoning will not considered at this stage. There will be an opportunity to make submissions on landzoning after the Draft Plan is published.
  • Please include your name and address on a separate page to your submission content in order to assist with compliance with the Data Protection Acts 1988 (as amended).
  • Please note that all submissions received will be published on the Council website

We want children of all ages to get involved in the Plan-making process. Children are invited to complete the attached Activity Worksheet to test their knowledge of Tipperary and learn about where energy comes from. We also want to hear from children of all ages and so encourage kids to make their own submission to the plan-making process, just click on the link to the on-line submission form!

We would really like schools (both primary and secondary) in Tipperary to encourage classes to partake in a special competition to support the preparation of the County Development Plan.

The Theme of the competition is ‘The Town I’d like’.

There are a number of Sub-Themes including:

• Getting Around,
• Meeting friends,
• Good for Granny,
• Living over the Shop,
• Ecology and Wildlife,
• Space for fun,
• The Best Shops,
• Food and Restaurants,
• Our Past.

We really want to hear ideas from children on how they would make changes to their local town or village to make it a place that they really love. Classes can submit their ideas in any of the following ways via the on-line form below:

• a set of posters/artworks,
• Their ideas for designs for street furniture (i.e. bicycle stand, seats and tables, bin, lamp stand etc),
• Written suggestions for ways your local town/village could be better. The best entries will feature in the County Development Plan itself and will help us plan for our towns and villages.

Click on the link Enter

Talk to us

You are invited to talk to us by telephone about County Development Plan process and making a submission. Please provide your contact details by emailing them to cdp@tipperary.ie or phone 0761 06 5000 and a member of the forward planning team will assist you as part of this public consultation phase.

Meet us

The Council will meet members of the public as part of the Pre-Draft Public Consultation Phase. Due to COVID-19 Infection Control Measures, appointments must be made in advance, please phone the Planning Section at 0761 06 5000 or email cdp@tipperarycoco.ie so that we can arrange a date and time for you, and manage meetings in line with restrictions (noting that these may change). You will have an opportunity to engage with staff members and discuss strategic issues relevant to the Development Plan review process.

Date Venue
6th October 2020 Civic Offices, Nenagh, E45A099
7th October 2020 Civic Office, Clonmel, E91N512
8th October 2020 Civic Offices, Thurles, E41KA44
13th October 2020 Civic Offices, Carrick on Suir, E32YV00
14th October 2020 Civic Offices, Tipperary Town, E34WD51

If you consider that you have a disability which may affect your attendance and participation, please give details of any special requirements in order that appropriate arrangements can be made if necessary.

Data Protection

All submissions received will be published online within 10 working days of receipt in accordance with the requirements of the Planning and Development Acts 2000 (amended) and will be summarised in the Chief Executive’s Report, which will be published. You should ensure that no vexatious, libellous or confidential information, including confidential information relating to a third party (in respect of which the third party has not, expressly, or impliedly in the circumstances, consented to its disclosure) is included in your submission. The Planning Authority reserves the right to redact any submission or part thereof that does not comply with this requirement. The Council’s privacy statement is available here.

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