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Ballaghveny landfill Community Gain Fund 2024

28 March 2024

The Ballaghveny Community Gain Fund (CGF) was established by Tipperary County Council (TCC) with the intention of helping the communities neighbouring our landfill by supporting positive local initiatives and activities in the local community.

The funds are available to support projects that are aligned with local needs such as the purchase of equipment, building, refurbishment work, etc.  

The projects will need to be proposed by the project group for the benefit of a broad section of the community.  It is important that the project group be satisfactorily constituted, not-for-profit, tax compliant, with membership being open and non-discriminatory.

Only applications made through the online portal will be considered. 
To go to the application form click on the link at the bottom of this webpage.

The Ballaghveny landfill Community Gain Fund 2023 will be open for applications of from 9am on Thursday, 28th March until 5pm on Friday, 10th May 2024.

The CGF Guidelines, Terms of Reference and Annual Report CGF 2021 may be viewed by clicking on the links at the bottom of this webpage.

Please read the ‘Ballaghveny Landfill - Community Gain Fund GUIDELINES’ in full before you submit your application.  All sections of your application form must be completed in full otherwise the application may be deemed invalid. 

Applications received after the closing date (5pm on Friday, 10th May 2024) will not be considered for grant aid from the 2023 Fund.

The funds are available to not-for-profit community and voluntary organisations for projects which are based within the ‘Area of Benefit’ in the vicinity of the landfill.  These include, but are not limited to:

  • Registered charities
  • Community development groups
  • Tidy town committees
  • Sports clubs/organisations, recreation clubs
  • Parents association of primary schools or secondary schools, for extra-curricular community activities only

The CGFs are not available to individuals / organisations that are engaged in business or for profit community activities.

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