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The primary objective of the Economic Development Unit is to promote economic development and support enterprise development. A new dedicated Strategic Policy Committee (SPC) for Economic Development is being created to support Tipperary Local Authority lead the authority's enhanced role in economic development and enterprise support. The Economic SPC will be responsible for the development of a County Tipperary Economic Plan as part of the Local Economic and Community Plan . Adoption and delivery of the plan will be the responsibility of Tipperary County Council supported by the Tipperary Economic Forum .Local Enterprise Office.

Located within the Community & Economic Development Department, the Local Enterprise Office (LEO) will build on the significant achievements of the County Enterprise Board to date and will offer an expanded range of supports.

The LEO will serve as a first stop shop to provide support and services to start, grow and develop micro business in the area. The LEO will become the first-stop-shop through which all information in relation to State supports for small and micro businesses can be accessed.

The LEO will deliver quality access to a number of national and local programmes focussed on new business start-ups and micro business in a pro-business environment. Skills and expertise of the business community are being retained through the participation of the business sector on the Local Enterprise Evaluation and Approvals Committee .

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