Silouette graphic representing Tipperary


Lough Derg

Tipperary Co. Co. monitors water quality at the following locations: Terryglass, Skehana, Dromineer, Youghal Quay and Castlelough. The HSE carries out the monitoring for Tipperary Co. Co. every month from May to October.

Algal Blooms

Algal blooms on Lough Derg are caused by Blue/green algae, also known as cyanobacteria.

Blue/green algae occur when there is the right combination of temperature, light, nutrients, wind speed and direction. They appear as bright green algae in the water column and on the surface of the water and can resemble paint in and on the water. Blue/green algae can cause skin irritations when people come in contact with the toxins produced by the algae and swimmers are advised to shower after swimming.

The toxins produced by the Blue/green algae can be fatal if ingested by dogs. To avoid dogs drinking the lake water during the summer month’s, dog owners are advised to bring drinking water for their dogs with them. Dogs should be given a drink before the dogs come in contact with the water.