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Deisiúcháin agus Cothabháil Tithíochta

Féadfaidh údaráis áitiúla deisiúcháin agus cothabháil a dhéanamh ar thithe údaráis áitiúil.

Tenant Handbook & Housing Maintenance Policy

Tipperary County Council is pleased to give you a copy of its new Tenant Handbook.

As your landlord, Tipperary County Council is taking this opportunity to remind you of the wide range of services available to you as one of our tenants.

This handbook sets out to explain the main topics contained in your tenancy agreement, our legal contract with you. It explains your responsibilities as a tenant and our responsibilities as your landlord.

It allows us to give you more and better information about the Council and the way it operates. In addition to the handbook, there are a range of leaflets, circulars, public information notices and annual publications available.

Please keep your copy of this handbook in a safe place at home. We hope you find it useful and wish you the best of luck in your home.