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Rialaíonn údaráis áitiúla rialú madraí contúirteacha agus pórtha srianta.

Control of Dogs

The Council employs 2 full-time Dog Wardens to operate the Dog Warden Service. A Dog Control Unit is provided at Knockalton, Nenagh.

Opening Hours

Knockalton, Nenagh -
Monday to Friday 9am to 10.30am
Tel: 067 33323

Please contact 0818-06-5000 to contact the Dog Wardens.

The Dog License Fee is €20.00 and €400.00 for a General Dog Licence. The lifetime Licence is €140.00. The Council will continue to vigorously enforce the provision of the Dogs Act during the coming year to ensure that Dog owners are aware of the licensing and other requirements of the Act.

Please see the Noise Control page for the Application Form to District Court re Noise from Barking Dogs


Control of Dogs

Local authorities are responsible for the control of dogs under the Control of Dogs Act 1986. The act gives Local Authorities power to appoint dog wardens, provide dog shelters, seize dogs, impose on-the-spot fines and take court proceedings against dog owners.

Dog owners must keep their dog’s under control at all times. It is a legal requirement under the Control of Dogs Act that a dog must be under effectual control in public places.

Owning a dog is a huge responsibility and a lifetime commitment. The following are your obligations as a responsible dog owner.

Dog Licence

All dogs over 4 months old must have a licence.  You must be over 16 years of age to purchase a Dog Licence which are available from any post office or online at

  • Annual Dog Licence – valid for one year cost €20
  • Lifetime Dog Licence – valid for lifetime of your dog cost €140
  • General Licence – If you manage a dog kennel with 20 dogs or more.  Valid for one year and can be purchased from your local authority at a cost of €400. 

The Dog Warden carries out ongoing licence checks in all areas on a regular basis.

Unlicensed dog = On-the-spot fine €150


As and from 31st April 2016 it is a legal requirement that all dogs are microchipped by the time they are 12 weeks old and that the microchip is registered with your up to date contact details on the approved government database.

Every dog must have an identity tag with contact details for their owner on their collar.

No identification on dog = On-the-spot fine €200  


Dogs which require special care

The following breeds of dogs and cross breeds of same require extra control when in public places. 

  • American pit bull terrier
  • English bull terrier
  • Staffordshire bull terrier
  • Bull mastiff
  • Dobermann pinscher
  • German shepherd (Alsatian)
  • Rhodesian ridgeback
  • Rottweiler
  • Japanese akita
  • Japanese tosa
  • Bandog


These dogs must be securely muzzled, kept on a strong leash not exceeding 2 meters and in the control of a person over 16 years capable of controlling the dog.

Uncontrolled dog = On-the-spot fine €300   

Attacks on livestock

Reports of attacks on livestock have increased in recent years. It is the responsibility of dog owners under the Control of Dogs Act, to ensure that their dogs are under effective control at all times.  Attacks on livestock can result in economic losses to the farmer, for which the dog owner can be held liable under the Control of Dogs Act.

Farmers who are affected are asked to report all attacks to Tipperary County Council's dog warden service as well as An Garda Siochána. 

Remember that even the gentlest family pet can kill or injure livestock if allowed to roam. Never let your dog out unsupervised, especially at night.


Dog Fouling

Dog fouling is a health hazard and spoils walkways and amenities for everybody. Toxocariasis is a disease found in animal faeces and children are at particular risk of catching infection. This is an entirely preventable health risk and is the main reason dog owners should clean up after their pets. Dog owners are legally obliged to clean up after their dog and properly dispose of faeces.

Always pick up after your dog using a dog waste bag or scooping device before disposing of it in the nearest litter bin.  

Dog fouling = on-the-spot fine of €150 or a maximum of €3,000 on court conviction.

Stray Dogs

A “stray dog” is a dog which is in a public place and not accompanied by the owner or another responsible person.  Stray dogs may be seized by the Dog Warden and kept for 5 days during which time they may be reclaimed by their owners or rehomed if suitable for rehoming.

When you find a stray dog you can

  • Return the dog to its owner if you can get the owners details easily and safely from the dog’s collar.
  • If you are unable to find the owner you can contact your local Dog Warden.  The dog may have been reported as missing to the warden. 
  • It is unlawful to hand a stray dog over to any person or agency except the dog’s owner, Dog Warden or the Garda.

Caring for your Dog

  • Neutering helps to control the dog population, resulting in fewer unwanted and fewer abandoned dogs.
  • A health dog requires the correct diet, regular exercise and suitable place to sleep.
  • Puppies need to be vaccinated at 8 and 12 weeks and a booster given annually. 
  • All dogs need to be vaccinated and have a health check-up once a year.

Barking Dogs

If you have an issue with persistent dog barking then talk to the dog’s owner to try and resolve the issue. If this is unsuccessful you can lodge an official complaint with your local District Court under Section 25(2) of the Control of Dogs act 1986 & 1992 on the appropriate form available from Tipperary County Council.

Lost Pet

It is important to act quickly if your dog goes missing or is stolen.

  • Report immediately to the Gardaí, Tipperary County Council’s dog warden service and your vet.
  • Spread the word on social media and encourage people to share the post.
  • Post on missing animal websites and monitor any sites selling dogs that match your dog’s description.

Dog Wardens

Tipperary County Council employs 2 full-time Dog Wardens to operate the Dog Warden Service. A Dog Control Unit is provided at Knockalton, Nenagh.

Opening Hours

Knockalton, Nenagh.

Monday to Friday 9am to 10.30am

Tel: 067 33323

Please contact 0818-06-5000 to contact the Dog Wardens.

Establishment Enforcement Dog Breeding

See Link below for guidelines on operation and management of Dog Breeding establishments and Dog Breeding Establishment Act 2010

Establishment Register Dog Breeding

The Dog Breeding Establishment Act requires that a register of dog breeding establishments be established and maintained.

Please see link below for list of Dog Breeding establishments in County Tipperary.

Establishment Registration Dog Breeding

Anybody who has more than 6 female dogs over six months of age and capable of breeding must register with Tipperary County Council under the Dog Breeding Establishment Act 2010.  This includes dog breeders, commercial boarding kennels, hunt clubs etc.

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