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Tipperary Festivals & Events Strategy 2022-2024


Tipperary Festivals & Events Strategy 2022- 2024

County Tipperary is home to a range of lively and engaging festivals and events which run throughout the year all over the county. This Festivals and Events Strategy builds on the previous 2018 to 2020 Tipperary County Council approach which was the first Festival Strategy for Tipperary and also the first festival strategy by a Local Authority in Ireland. The aim of this new strategy is to build on progress to date and to provide a set of recommendations to chart The Way Ahead for the very vibrant Festivals and Events sector in County Tipperary.

Tipperary County Council recognises the value of festivals and events to our county. They provide recreation and leisure opportunities for our residents, help build strong and resilient communities and have many economic and social benefits. Crucially, our festivals and events provide a strong sense of community, cultural identity and pride - each festival or event has its own distinctive qualities and appeal.

In Tipperary, we aim to ensure that our investment in festivals has maximum impact and benefit across our communities. Our aim is to support communities and event organisers through a long term planning approach around developing and sustaining their events, and to make the process of applying for our supports as simple and effective as possible.

At the same time, we aim to build capacity in order to diversify supports and funding sources while we build Tipperary’s reputation for hosting festivals and events that contribute to healthy and thriving communities and local economies.