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Patient Supports at South Tipperary General Hospital

South Tipperary General Hospital are promoting the following supports to enable patient contacts and supports.

Keep in touch with friends or family in hospital by using the Keep in Touch email services

South Tipperary General Hospital (STGH) invites you to “Keep in touch” with your loved ones during their stay in the hospital.

It is really difficult and stressful to not be able to visit family and friends in hospital at this time.
Email your message, good wishes or letter to this dedicated email address for patients:
In the subject line of the email include: Patients Full Name, Ward Name (if known) and the first line of patients home address.
This service is available Monday to Friday and emails will be printed by the Quality Department and delivered to the patient within 24 hours. Letters received over the weekend or on public holiday will be delivered the next working day.
It’s a simple thing, but you should see the patients faces light up when they receive, read and re read their email.

Get to Know Me – South Tipperary General Hospital

This initiative came about following the passing of my Grandmother Maureen Long at the great age of 96 years in June 2020. Granny was always independent, active and had a cheeky smile.
In March 2020, Granny was admitted to hospital, a rehab facility and finally a nursing home, this was an extremely challenging time for Granny and our family as Granny had always been cared for in the homes of her children. March 2020, was the start of the Pandemic, at this time visiting patients was restricted. In light of restrictions and difficulties communicating with Granny, we tried our best as a family to think outside the box, with family members scaling windows, sneaking in chocolate chips buns, sending in cards, photos and making videos. However these modes of communication only went so far. Following Granny’s passing I began to think about her, my families position during this time and if we could help others in a similar position.

We are all very aware of the impact of COVID-19 on mental health for staff and patients with COVID-19. However, seeing my Grandmother and the role of carers and health care professionals involved in her care during this period provided me with a different insight, where I became aware that there was very little support available for non-COVID patients and ultimately the importance of contact for patients with their loves ones.

Given that patients once they are admitted to hospital have limited contact with loved ones and in recognition of the importance of this contact I got thinking and devised the “Get to know me” document. This was adapted from a document compiled by NHS Lanarkshire. The idea behind this document inevitably is to see the patient as a person, provide comfort and remove the clinical focus of caring for that person.

The document serves as a conversation piece for anyone interacting with the patient in the hope to provide comfort, friendship and reassurance. This document is patient centred, personal, and easy to complete and read. The aim is to keep patients safe and well and improve overall wellbeing during hospital/rehab/nursing home stays or where carers are coming into the family home. This document can be easily completed by a next of kin or patient and can be sent into any facility to support a patient’s journey.

Annelise Hutch Paediatric Dietitian B.A. MSc. PgD. MINDI.
South Tipperary General Hospital

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