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Roscrea Community Action Plan 2016-2019

The economic and social forecast for Ireland is positive and it is predicted nationally, we are on the road to recovery. Nationally unemployment rates are dropping and job opportunities are improving.

These improvements are slower to reach some areas. There are pockets in Tipperary, including Roscrea, where deprivation is high and families are struggling. Many rural towns, families and communities are under pressure and face day to day challenges. These communities need support to access facilities and services which can empower them to improve their quality of life and the life chance of their children and young people.

Roscrea has great assets including: built heritage, natural history, a great ethos of volunteering, a vibrant and active community and a community that is ready to help themselves. However, Roscrea has significant issues in terms of unemployment, high number of people living in disadvantage, low education levels and safety and security issues.

Roscrea has been prioritised in the County Tipperary Local Economic and Community Plan as being in need of an interagency focus to develop a broad based, community focused and realistic plan for Roscrea that can meet the needs of its residents. Tipperary County Council have taken the lead in support for the development of this plan. NTLP were commissioned by Tipperary County Council to develop this plan with key agencies, communities groups and business in Roscrea. The plan was developed over the last six months and identifies key actions in the business, social, community and environment areas. There was widespread consultation with all stakeholders and the community and it is hoped there will be ongoing commitment to the implementation of the plan from all the key stakeholders.

Actions have been developed under the themes of:

  • Environment and Security
  • Community Wellbeing – Youth and Families
  • Enterprise, Training and Employment
  • Corporate Structure

The themes and associated actions cover a variety of quality of life issues. Building good opportunity and access to supports for the citizens of Roscrea and a sustainable, robust and socially inclusive community were the key aspirations in the making of the plan.

Please see full plan and associated appendices below.