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Appeal to Dog Owners – Please keep your dogs under control

Walking a dog
6 March 2023

Tipperary County Council is appealing to all dog owners to be extra vigilant at this time of year and to keep their dogs under control at all times. In recent months we have seen harrowing cases of sheep kills within the county. Such attacks have a devastating affect on families and surviving animals. In addition to financial loss, it’s very distressing for all involved to see the carnage that dogs can cause, when left free to roam unsupervised.


Although your dog maybe a family pet and is friendly and placid at home, it can become a killer if left out unsupervised, especially at night.


We are appealing to all dog owners who visit the countryside with their dogs, to please respect farm boundaries, give farm animals space and keep your dog on a lease at all times. All dog owners must ensure their dogs are properly secured and cannot stray at night. 

We would like to remind all dog owners that they must have a dog licence, keep their dog under control and wear a collar with the owner’s name and address. Since 2015 it is compulsory for dogs to be microchipped and registered. Owners of restricted breeds must also ensure their dogs are muzzled, kept on a strong, short leash (not exceeding 2 metres) and under the control of a person aged over 16 years, at all times when out in a public place.

With dog ownership comes responsibilities, please ensure you are aware and comply with your legal responsibilities as a pet owner.


If your dog attacks livestock you are liable for injury or damages to people or animals and could face prosecution.


All attacks are preventable if dog owners properly supervise their dogs. Please be a responsible pet owner and ensure your dog is not responsible for such an attack.


Further information on responsible dog ownership can be found on Tipperary County Council’s website at or by contacting the Environment & Climate Action Section at 0818 06 5000.