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Climate Action and Public Lights

27 September 2023

Public lighting currently accounts for half of all the energy consumed by Tipperary County Council. Upgrading the lights will reduce the energy use by approximately 55% cutting carbon emissions significantly resulting in a saving of over 3000 tonnes in CO2 annually. This is one of the council’s key efforts in realising its “energy reduction and climate action goals”. The upgrade of the lights will also reduce energy and maintenance costs, saving Tipperary County Council money. 

There are over 18,000 light in the county, 6,700 street lights have already been upgraded to LED in the past eight years. Work has begun in on upgrading the remaining 11,600 public lights. As of August 2023, a contractor has been engaged to survey the counties lights and propose a lighting design. It is expected that the upgrade works will begin in 2024.

Tipperary County Council has published its Draft Local Authority Climate Action Plan for the period 2024 – 2029 (LACAP) and is accepting submissions from stakeholders and the general public until 4.00pm Monday 6th November 2023

Have Your Say link to the Climate Action Plan Consultation Portal