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Clonmel Town Centre First Plan

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The Town Centre First Clonmel Action Plan, is about making the town centre a better place to live, work and visit and positioning Clonmel for the future as a more attractive, vibrant and resilient town.  The three main themes  in the plan are to; provide an attractive town centre that would be a good public space; make the town centre active from a tourism and economic point of view, while making use of vacant buildings and promoting it from an arts, culture and sporting point of view; and making the town centre more accessible to support a vibrant town centre.

The Town Centre First Action Plan will be delivered by Tipperary County Council and various stakeholders. An important element for successful delivery is the creation of a Town Team to work in collaboration with the Council to deliver some elements of the Action Plan.

In 2023, the Town Regeneration Officer and Clonmel Borough District brought together a number of people who represented various interests across the town of Clonmel to form a Town Team. They will work in collaboration with Tipperary County Council to make Clonmel a better place to live, work, visit and invest, make a positive impact and deliver positive outcomes.

Members of the Town Team are listed in the table.





Michelle Aylward

Chamber of Commerce


William Burke

Hospitality Sector


Michael Madigan

Community & Heritage


Noel Buckley

Education & Sporting Sector


Theresia Guschelbauer

Cultural & Environmental Sector


Carol Creighton

Local Authority


Eoin Powell

Community Sector


Seamus Moore

Community Sector


Richie Molloy

Mayor of Clonmel


Suzanne O Gorman         

Traders Representative


Philip Meaney

Wheelchair Association


Frank Moran     

Vintner Rep & Town Trader Representative


Cliona Maher

Festival Representative/Cultural


Any queries for the Town Team can be sent to

National Town Centre First Policy

Our Rural Future, the Government’s Rural Development Policy outlines a vision to support the regeneration and development of rural towns and villages to contribute to local and national economic recovery, and to enable people to live and work in a vibrant environment. The Town Centre First policy launched in February 2022 is central to this vision.

Town Centre First represents a new approach to the development of our towns where local communities and local businesses can be central to reimagining their own towns and planning their own futures. Every town is different. Each town is unique and requires unique solutions to the challenges and opportunities they face.

For more information on the Town Centre First, please contact the Council’s Town Regeneration Officer Áine Mc Carthy by email