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Postal & Special Voter Applications

Closing date for receipt of Postal & Special Voters Applications for the Local and European Elections 2024 is 11 May 2024.

Postal Voters List

A person registered as a postal voter may vote by post only and may not vote at a polling station. Electors must apply each year to be on the postal voters list.

Categories of Postal Voters:

Part I
Defence Forces

Part II
Gardaí Siochána

Part III
Diplomats and their spouses

Part IV
Persons with a physical illness or disability living at home

Part V
Persons unable to vote in person because of circumstances of occupation (incl. polling station staff), service or employment, including students attending an educational institution in the state on a full time basis

Note: inability to vote in person due to absence for any reason other than those outlined above will not entitle a voter to a postal vote.

Special Voters List

Who can apply?
Those eligible to apply for special voter status are persons ordinarily resident at a hospital, nursing home or similar institution who are unable to go in person to vote at a polling station by reason of a physical illness or physical disability.

The onus rests on each individual to ensure that he/she is registered to vote. Remember, you cannot vote unless you are registered.