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National Monuments

The National Monuments Service is part of the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht and is responsible for identifying and designating monuments, implementing legislative provisions in relations to the protection of monuments, implementing protective and regulatory controls under the National Monuments Acts and providing heritage advice to planning and other consent authorities in respect of individual planning and other development applications, projects and plans.

The term 'National Monument' as defined under section 2 of the National Monuments Act (1930) means a monument 'the preservation of which is a matter of national importance by reason of the historical architectural, traditional, artistic or archaeological interest attaching thereto'.

There are currently approximately monuments in Tipperary which are pre 1700 in date including all excavated sites which have been updated onto the computer. This number of monuments is constantly growing as new monuments are excavated and new sites are discovered.

Protection of Monuments

When the owner or occupier of a property, or any other person proposes to carry out, or to cause, or to permit the carrying out of any work at or in relation to a Recorded Monument they are required to give notice in writing to the Minister 2 months before commencing that work. This is to allow the National Monuments Service time consider the proposed works and how best to proceed to further the protection of the monument.

For national monuments in the ownership or guardianship of the Minister or a local authority or which are subject to a preservation order, the prior written consent of the Minister is required for any works at or in proximity to the monument.

Reporting possible damage or threat to a Monument

The National Monuments Service is reliant on landowners and the general public in fulfilling its role in the protection and preservation of our archaeological heritage and the assistance of the public is gratefully appreciated.

If you wish to report possible damage to a monument please contact the National Monuments Service by phoning 01 8882000 or emailing as soon as possible