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Help to Buy Scheme

Refund of Irish income tax and DIRT.

Refund of Irish income tax and DIRT.
Can receive up to 10% of the completion value up to a maximum of €30,000, whichever is lower.
BUT no more than the value of the income tax + DIRT paid in previous 4 years.
Loan to Value of at least 70%.

Quick Guide to the Scheme

Applicant Type/Scheme available to the following
  • 1 year – 100% 
  • 2 years – 80% 
  • 3 years – 60% 
  • 4 years  – 40% 
  • 5 years – 20%
Can be considered alongside
LA Homeloan
Help to buy Scheme
Income Threshold


Property Value

Less than €500,000

Type of Property the Scheme applies to
New Home
Self Build
Tenure- do you need to live in the house after completion