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Electrical and Plumbing Services

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12 June 2023

It is anticipated that Tipperary County Council will be tendering Emergency and Routine repairs for both Electrical and Plumbing Services in the not to distance future.

This competition will be run through Supplygov under the Dynamic Purchasing Agreement (DPS) for Minor Building Works - Tradespersons. is a procurement platform facilitating Local Authorities and other state agencies in the procurement of goods, works and services from Suppliers.  Details of this DPS can be found at this link Tradesperson Supplygov Support Documentation

The first tenders to be run through Supplygov are for OIL/GAS Servicing and Maintenance of Boilers

If this is of interest to you as a supplier please ensure that you start the process of gaining access to the appropriate systems to ensure you receive notifications on competitions and also to allow you to tender for such works.  To access this DPS you must:

  1. Be registered as a Supplier on SupplyGov Public Procurement (

  1. Be registered with a Supplier account on eTenders*
  2. Find the DPS on eTenders and apply.

In order to apply for this DPS on eTenders: 

  1. Go to (the previous eTenders EU Supply website), 
  2. Log in using their username and password from the old eTenders website, and 
  3. Search for the relevant LGOPC led DPS and apply. The System ID for Minor Building Works - Tradespersons is 192182.

Please note that the national tendering platform, eTenders, changed on the 15th of May 2023. Previously, EU Supply served as the platform's service provider, but now it has been replaced by European Dynamics.   

*For suppliers who do not have an existing account on the previous eTenders platform, they should create a supplier account using the following link (copy and paste to browser):

Registering Support Contacts:

SupplyGov Customer Service Helpdesk team - 066 7183734

eTenders Technical Support Team – 0818 001459