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Refurbishing Vacant Property

A Vacant House
Press Release
2 March 2023

Do you own a vacant property or want to buy one? Did you know that there are a number of government schemes to help you turn a vacant or derelict building into a home? Breathe new life into an old home. Whether you are looking to buy a vacant property to convert it into your home, or refurbish a vacant residential or commercial property for residential use, a range of government supports exist.

Addressing vacancy and ensuring that existing housing stock is utilised to the fullest extent possible is a key aim of Housing for All, the government’s housing plan to 2030.

For more information on the various schemes and support documents, application forms please see here:

Phase 1 relates to the Vacant Property refurbishment Grant (Croi Conaithe Scheme) and Phase 2 is the Repair & Lease Scheme

For further information please see the below videos which relate to Phase 1 and Phase 2