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Press Release
4 March 2024

There is provision under “Housing For All” for Local Authorities to make serviced sites available for sale to eligible purchasers. Tipperary County Council are delighted to announce that we have provided four fully serviced sites for sale in the village of Boherlahan. 

The Location

The village of Boherlahan is situated in the south of county Tipperary approximately 6km to the north of the tourist town of Cashel.

Boherlahan is a highly desirable location to live due to its:

  • Vibrant strong supportive community
  • Proximity to the local village primary school
  • School bus access to secondary schools in Cashel & Thurles
  • Proximity to the larger town of Thurles (with rail access to Cork and Dublin) and to the tourist town of Cashel
  • Proximity to the M8 motorway with entry points at Horse and Jockey and Cashel.

  location of sites

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The four sites are located on the roadside near the heart of the village as outlined by the site map below:

  site plans



This is an initiative which intends to support self-build homes in rural areas for the affordable homes market. It is small in scale so as to fit seamlessly into the village ethos with the intention of being at an appropriate scale to be in keeping with the size and character of the village. 

The purpose of this scheme is to give options to families and individuals to construct an affordable home in their local area and in doing so enable them to support the local community. We hope facilitate people to live within a local rural community. The scheme is open to all applicants in Tipperary and beyond who fulfill the criteria outlined below.


Who should apply?

Are you:

  • a First Time Buyer (i.e. not have purchased or built a home for yourself) or who qualify under the ‘Fresh Start’[1] principle. 
  • a person with a disability or an older person who is moving from your current home which you are selling or have sold and want to live in a town or village setting?
  • a person who is moving from your current home which you are selling or have sold and want to live in a town or village setting?

If you have answered to yes to any or all of these questions then you are eligible to apply for this scheme. More details on the scheme, including how to apply and the conditions which you must meet are available here



  • 25 March to 12 April: The Boherlahan scheme is open for applications from Monday 25 March to Friday 12 April. Application received after 12 April will not be considered for the scheme
  • Completed application forms can be downloaded here and


  • 15 April to 03 May: Applications will be assessed and an order of priority established as per the guide below:


Applications will be put into the below categories and the successful applicants notified as per the below steps:

  • 1st preference: Applicants who are First Time or who qualify under the ‘Fresh Start’ principle. 
  • 2nd preference: Applicants (other than 1 above) who have particular needs – specifically, disabled people or older people who are moving from their current home which they are selling or have sold and want to live in a town or village setting. 
  • 3rd preference: Applicants (other than 1 and 2 above) who are moving from their current home which they are selling or have sold and want to live in a town or village setting 

If we have more than one qualified applicant for each site then the order of priority will be completed by putting the applicants into a draw and an order given based on that draw.

  • 07 May to 10 May: all qualified applicants will be notified as to their position in the order of priority. Offers will be made to successful applicants at this time. 
  • Each successful applicant will have a period of 5 working days from date of offer to either accept or decline the offer. If an offer is declined or no response has been received within the 5 working days then a new offer will be made to the next person on the list. This process will continue until all sites are sold or the list is exhausted. 
  • Please note that in order to be considered for each site an application form must be submitted for each of the four sites clearly marked 1, 2, 3 or 4. Therefore, if you wish to apply for all four sites listed you must submit four completed application forms and state on each which site you have an interest in. 


  • Each site will have access to the public road, an electricity connection, a water connection and a boundary wall/fence provided by the Council.
  • The selling price is €25,000.
  • If you are successful in purchasing a site you will have to pay a 10% deposit (€2,500) within 5 working days of acceptance. 
  • You must apply for planning permission to build your home within three months of the payment of your deposit. If this does not happen the site reverts back to the Council. 
  • The balance of €22,500 is to be paid once planning permission has been granted and the site becomes your property. This must be paid within the timeframe stated on the contract documents. 
  • You must commence construction of your home within 12 months of the date of grant of planning permission. If no construction has commenced then you must pay the full monetary value of the discount to the Council.
  • For more details on the scheme Click Here:


[1]   The Fresh Start principle includes previous homeowners who have experienced divorce or separation, or insolvency or bankruptcy, and who no longer have a legal interest in the previous home.