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RZLT- Stage 3- Final Maps Published

RZLT- Timeline
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1 December 2023

The Residential Zoned Land Tax was introduced in the Finance Act 2021. The objective of the tax is to activate land that is serviced and zoned for residential use or mixed use, including residential use, in order to increase housing supply and to ensure regeneration of vacant and idle lands in urban areas. These areas have been identified within statutory land use plans as appropriate locations for housing and they have benefitted from investment in the key services to support the delivery of housing. 

  • Local authorities are responsible for identifying the land that is subject to Residential Zoned Land Tax. 
  • Residential Zoned Land Tax is administered by Revenue.

Tipperary County Council has published a final map of the land in scope for the Residential Zoned Land Tax (RZLT).

Click here to see documentation and final maps