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Planning permission for building a house

Building a new home can be both an exciting and challenging time for any household.  This is intended as a step by step guide to the main steps involved. 


  1. When do I need planning permission

    You should lodge your application for planning permission with the planning authority for your area, which will be one of the 31 local authorities in Ireland (city or county councils). Application forms and information are available from your planning authority either at their offices or on their website. Planning permission for more complex developments, i.e. strategic infrastructure and strategic housing developments must be obtained from An Bord Pleanála. 

  2. Are there different types of permission

    Yes. There are two types of planning permission. An application may be made for:

    • permission,
    • outline permission
  3. Where do I get an application form?

    You can obtain a planning application form from your local planning authority either via their offices or website. There may be different forms for different types of development - domestic, agricultural, industrial, etc.

  4. Can I get advice from the planning authority?

    Yes, you may consult with your local planning authority before lodging a planning application. It is a good idea to do so, particularly when you are unsure of local planning policies or if your proposal is complex. However, there is no obligation for you to do so.

  5. What information must be included in a valid planning application?

  6. How much will my application cost?

    You must pay a fee with the planning application and it must accompany the application or it will be invalid. The amount depends on the type of development proposed and the type of permission sought. 

  7. What documents do I need to submit?

    The documents which you need to submit with your application will depend on the type of development proposed.