Silouette graphic representing Tipperary

Greenways and Blueways

Local authorities may provide greenways (trails on land) and blueways (water trails) where people can cycle, hike, walk, paddle, canoe or kayak.

River Suir Green and Blue Futures

Our Partners

  • Canals & Rivers Trust (UK)
  • The Waterways Trust (Scotland)
  • Succeed in Sambre (France)
  • Province of Hanauit (Belgium)
  • Province of West Flanders (Belgium)

Our projects

  • Mapping Access on River Suir
  • Canoe and Kayak Audit
  • Youth Connect Project
  • River Tidy Towns Network
  • Sounding Lines Art Project
  • Towpath
  • Multimedia project

Related Information

Lough Derg Blueway

Lough Derg Blueway is made up of a series of activity trails, on the water and on land, that provide the opportunity for exhilarating activities, wonderful adventures and a scenic perspective into the heart of the Irish landscape.

It is yours to explore and enjoy whichever way you want. Traverse some of the Blueway’s 160km of water trails by canoe, kayak, paddleboard or under sail. Stride out by boot or bicycle on the land trails – you’ll be rewarded with views that will take your breath away.

River Suir Interactive Map

The River Suir Interactive Mapping Project has been undertaken as an action of the South Tipperary heritage Plan and has been funded by South Tipperary County Council and The Heritage Council.

The project is the follow up phase to the River Suir Heritage Survey undertaken in 2009/2010 which highlighted the built, cultural and natural heritage features along its route.

Suir Blueway Tipperary

With 53km of paddling trails and a 21km cycle route, Suir Blueway Tipperary is the perfect escape for all the family to savour some of Ireland’s most beautiful countryside and fascinating history.

Kayak or canoe on flowing waters, go for a cycle along river banks, take a hike up nearby mountains, or a more sedate stroll in the bustling medieval towns and villages from Cahir to Clonmel and on to Carrick-on-Suir.