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START Suicide Prevention Online Skills Training

What is LivingWorks Start?

Most people are surprised to learn that they’re much more likely to encounter someone who’s thinking about suicide than someone who needs CPR. Yet suicide is preventable: with the right skills, anyone can help save a life.
That’s where LivingWorks Start comes in. In as little as one hour online, this online, interactive training programme will give you the skills and knowledge to keep others safe from suicide.

Who should complete LivingWorks Start?

This programme is suitable for anyone over the age of 18 who wants to help prevent suicide and is prepared to become more suicide alert.

What will I learn from LivingWorks Start?

You will;

  • Become more comfortable talking about suicide
  • Feel more confident in keeping a person safe in times of distress
  • Be able to support members of the community, friends and co-workers
  • Build your own professional skills
  • Have peace of mind knowing you’re ready to help.

See leaflet attached for more Information on for to get involved
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