Silouette graphic representing Tipperary

Welcome to the Community & Rural Development Section

The Community & Rural Development Section of Tipperary County Council is involved in further developing and sustaining the wellbeing of our communities through community and rural development, promoting social inclusion principles and further developing cultural and recreational areas. 

The Premier County consists of predominantly rural landscape. We have a renowned community ethos, which helps people to integrate quickly through a wide network of clubs and associations. There are a variety of arts, sports and cultural events scheduled all year round, in partnership with all of our communities, ensuring a lively and diverse programme of festivals and activities to include all. 

Tipperary County council promotes equality of access to all services amongst its citizens and will work with all of the relevant agencies and support networks to ensure that the more marginalised are enabled to become more involved in all areas of decision making. Through such support, it is envisaged that individuals and groups will be enabled to improve their own wellbeing and that of their communities.

Tipperary County Council, through its Community & Rural Development Section, will continually strive to provide a place where its people can enjoy a great quality of life and visitors can have a positive and memorable experience.