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Traveller Interagency Group Support

Local authorities, together with other agencies, support interagency groups to coordinate and improve the delivery of services to members of the traveller community.

Traveller Interagency

Aim of Sub-Group: Implement Integrated Plan for the Delivery of Services to Travellers in Tipperary.

Target group: Travelling Community in Tipperary

Proposed outcomes: Delivery of actions in Strategic Plan

Stakeholders involved:

  • Tipperary County Council
  • Health Service Executive.
  • Department of Social and Family Affairs.
  • Tipperary Rural Travellers Project.
  • Department of Education and Science/National Education Welfare Board – Visiting Teachers for Travellers.
  • Clonmel Youth Training Enterprise.
  • South Tipperary Vocational Education Committee
  • Traveller Development Project.
  • Millennium Family Resource Centre.
  • Knockanrawley Resource Centre
  • Tipperary Libraries
  • Tipperary Regional Youth Services
  • Clonmel Youth Training
  • Money Advice & Budgeting Services
  • Tipperary Leader
  • Garda Siochana.
  • Tipperary Regional Youth Service.
  • FAS
  • South Tipperary County Childcare Committee
  • Men’s Development Network
  • Spafield Family Resource Centre
  • South Tipperary Development Company

Funds/resources committed:

What is the current position? Plan being implemented

  • TRTP have completed research on Traveller Health and wellbeing in South Tipperary - sub groups of interagency have agreed to review and update their objectives and actions.
  • The HSE rep to replace Angela Joy on the Traveller Interagency group is Derval Howley
  • STDC has agreed to Chair the Traveller Interagency Committee – Phil Shanahan has been nominated
  • Funding has not yet been secured for another year for the work in relation to addiction, drugs and substance misuse
  • Health work with traveller men is continuing
  • Primary health care workers continue to work in the community
  • Leadership programme being implemented with traveller men

    6 Traveller children participated in a TRYS music programme, funded by STDC. This culminated in a lunchtime concert at UL, as part of the Tipp Music Education partnership, which is led by the TETB.
  • Traveller men’s horse association formed and prepared a submission in relation to impact of new legislation re horses

Work being completed on application for innovative CE scheme for traveller