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Medical Care

HSE Social Inclusion multi-lingual video messaging - My Health, My Language. HSE National Social Inclusion Office and Translate Ireland have developed a series of videos entitled “My health, my language” for migrants and international protection applicants to give them information on healthcare in Ireland. The health topics include:

  1. What is a GP?
  2. How do I access healthcare?
  3. Medical card
  4. Dental, eye, hearing
  5. Contraception
  6. Early pregnancy
  7. Late pregnancy – prepare for birth
  8. Looking after a new born baby
  9. Mother’s health after giving birth
  10. Breastfeeding
  11. COVID-19 vaccine and pregnancy
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Vaccination - Dedicated webpage to support vaccination of people coming from Ukraine, Resources include posters and translated information on immunisation programmes in Ireland
Vaccination – Video explaining the vaccination programme in Ireland supported by Dr Oksana Kozdoba a Paediatrician originally from Ukraine.