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RAPID (Clonmel, Carrick, Tipperary)

Aim of RAPID: Improve quality of life and make opportunities available to under resourced communities

Target group: Under resourced Communities in Carrick-on-Suir, Tipperary Town and Clonmel


Carrick-on-Suir RAPID

  • Local Training Initiative which has 27 participants and the support of family evens and clean-up in the social housing.
  • Ballylynch Remedial works schemes are near completion
  • RAPID AIT continues to be a forum for dealing with associated issues and for updates to the Ballylynch Community
  • RAPID is facilitating Foroige locally to progress the local implementation of Big Brother, Big Sister and NFTE which were funded on a county basis by the Tony Ryan Trust
  • The RAPID AIT also links closely with the Carrick-on-Suir Community Network which works a number of initiatives such as establishing a rainbows project in Carrick-on-Suir, and updating the local community directory.

Clonmel RAPID

  • Clonmel RAPID AIT focused in 2013 on community involvement and in community representation
  • A sporting programme of events, organised by the Sports Partnership has proceeded.
  • A commitment to community development and education in the RAPID areas has also been made by the AIT.
  • RAPID also supported Clonmel Community Parent Support Programme with funding towards training for staff and community mothers re infant mental health.
  • RAPID continued to press for the provision of CCTV systems in the Cooleens/Haywood area and the updating of those in the Wilderness.
  • The agencies continued in their work in the estates with South Tipperary Development Company and the VEC, for example, continuing to work in the area of training and personal development.
  • During and before Halloween a number of actions, supported by RAPID, took place to reduce the amount of anti social behaviour and to make the holiday an enjoyable one for families and children. An increased number of RAPID community groups, compared to last year took part in the very successful Zombie walk and event. Cooleens Close again won a prize while first prize was won by the Clonmel Community Youth project, drawing from Elm Park and the Wilderness.

Tipperary Town RAPID

continued to progress the 2013 Tipperary Town Action Matrix with a range of measures aimed at:

  • Community Development Work; Leadership Programme;
  • Volunteer Drive & Skills Audit; Positive Communications Strategy;
  • Bring Activities Back to Town Centre;
  • Promoting Positive Health in Tipperary;
  • Create Think-Tank on Future Jobs & Economic Development;
  • Encourage Entrepreneurship;
  • New Engagement with Unemployed;
  • Support Local Shops Campaign;
  • Town Tourism Development Group;
  • Develop Brochure & Website;
  • Develop Accommodation Facilities;
  • Develop the Tourist Product;
  • Develop Local Facilities;
  • Facilities Pricing Issues;
  • ‘A-Z’ Service Directory of the Town;
  • Town Website;
  • Implement Access Audit

The Area Implementation Team continues to meet regularly to report on progress and identify opportunities on these specific Actions.

In 2013, there was a specific focus on greater Volunteer Involvement, particularly on the Tidy Towns actions. An additional highlight was the South Tipperary Development Company “Enterprise Competition 2013”, supported by Tipperary Technology Park. Tipperary Regional Youth Service played the lead on developing an inter-agency forum for all Agencies and Sectors to support the roll-out of the “Pathways” initiative aimed at the identification of needs for Children and Youth, while the HSE Disability “Goldstar” initiative gained momentum in its plans to achieve whole town support on Access and Disability matters. Tipperary Residents Network actively involves local Residents, Knockanrawley Resource Centre and the Town Council during the Estates Enhancement process and the partnership of Residents Groups, Tipperary Town Council and An Garda Siochana improves Community Safety issues on areas-based and theme-based issues of concern, including a successful Halloween season and a focus on Litter and Illegal Dumping during the year.

Margo Hayes

Margo Hayes

Community & Enterprise,

South Tipperary County Council,

Tel: 052 6187078 (internal ext 5168)