Silouette graphic representing Tipperary

Tipperary Consolidated Guidance TGD B Vol. 2 2017

This diagrammatic guidance document has been put together to assist owners, builders and designers with regards to fire safety provisions in the 5 most common dwelling house types:

  • Bungalow
  • Dormer Bungalow
  • Two Storey
  • Dormer Two Storey
  • Three Storey

The guidance within this document is not exhaustive, reference should be made to Technical Guidance Document B (Fire Safety) Volume 2-Dwelling Houses 2017 and the Supplementary Guidance to TGD B (Fire Safety) Volume 2 - Dwelling Houses 2017, to ensure full compliance with Part B of the Building Regulations. Responsibility for ensuring full compliance with the Building Regulations remains with the Owner, Builder and Designer of the works. You are advised to review your design to ensure compliance with all Parts of the Building Regulations.

For Modern Methods of Construction refer to Manufacturer's Test Data and Agrément Certification to ensure compliance with Part B of Building Regulations.

Technical Guidance Document B- Fire Safety - Volume 2 Dwelling Houses

Recording of Webinar - Review of TGD B Vol. 2 and Supp. Guidance

Webinar slides PART 1- TGD B Vol. 2 and Supp. Guidance review

Webinar slides PART 2- TGD B Vol. 2 and Supp. Guidance review