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Tidy Schools Competition

Tipperary County Council runs a Environmental Schools competition annually which complements the overall Tiobraid Alainn competition for towns and villages which takes place throughout the county each April. The Council initiated these competitions in order to create support for measures that tackle litter prevention, control and awareness at all levels of the community and also to show that our younger generations are playing their part in keeping our county clean and green.

The Tidy Schools Competition encourages both Primary and Secondary Schools in Tipperary to battle for the title of Tidiest School in Tipperary. The main emphasis of the competition is on litter awareness, waste management and on appreciation of our general environment.

Schools are judged according to the following criteria:

  • Litter and Waste Management,
  • Appearance of School Grounds and Approaches,
  • Environmental Awareness Efforts and Presentation of Buildings.

Green Schools:

First Flag (Litter and Waste) Schools

December: 1st December- Deadline for new school applications for the flag to be submitted to Education Unit, Head Office, Swifts Alley.
Why not fill out your application form on line?
Renewal Schools

Schools work on each theme for a two-year cycle before they apply for a Renewal of the Green Flag.

Criteria for Renewal of the Green Flag

  • You are currently in at least your 2nd school year of working on your current theme
  • You have completed all Seven Steps of the Green-Schools programme
  • You have maintained work for the previous themes for which you have been awarded a Green Flag
  • You have conducted a thorough Environmental Review
  • You have a current Action Plan, with future targets
  • You have completed an Action Day
  • You have received at least one Renewal Visit

N.B. You need to have a Renewal Visit before you submit your Application for the Renewal of the Green Flag.
Free Programme to help attain your Energy Flag

For those of you working on your Green Schools Energy theme, it would be very useful to sign up the Display Campaign, which will help you to read your bills and meters and figure out how much energy your school uses. By doing this, you will be able to reduce your energy usage and monitor your progress by taking a few simple steps. Tipperary Energy Agency will help you in collecting the necessary information and will issue participating schools with a special certificate. By taking part in this campaign, you would be meeting the requirements of the Green Schools Energy Theme. Tipperary Energy Agency is also available to visit schools on behalf of the Council to give an energy talk and play the energy game.

For more information, please visit the Tipperary Energy Agency website at You can read up more on the project by visiting

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