Silouette graphic representing Tipperary

Mission Statement

"To ensure that all persons in the County have affordable accommodation suitable to their social and personal needs"

The Council, in seeking to achieve this objective, and in line with the policies set down in the Policy Document "Delivering Homes - Sustaining Communities" published by the Department of the Environment in 2007, continues to provide a wide range of housing services throughout the County.

The principal housing functions are as follows:

  • To promote and utilise the options provided for in National Housing Policy.
  • To implement our Social Housing Investment Programme.
  • To implement the provisions of the Housing Strategy
  • To prepare and implement a programme for advance land acquisition in accordance with National Housing Policy.
  • To ensure that our housing policy encourages and supports Rural Sustainability.
  • To implement the 5 year Traveller Accommodation Plan 2014 - 2018.
  • To implement the provisions of the Homeless Strategies and Action Plans.
  • To promote, assist and develop the Voluntary Housing Sector in the County.
  • To prioritise Social Inclusion by promoting resident participation in the management of social housing schemes.
  • To comply with Private Sector Residential Accommodation Legislation/Regulations.
  • To upgrade our Housing Stock subject to the availability of funding both nationally and locally.