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Tionscnaimh Aoisbhácha

Féadfaidh údaráis áitiúla tionscnaimh a reáchtáil chun tacú le seirbhísí inrochtana agus cuimsithe do dhaoine scothaosta i dtithíocht, iompar, rannpháirtíocht agus cuimsiú sóisialta, cumarsáid agus faisnéis, sábháilteacht phobail agus sláinte agus folláine.

Tipperary Age Friendly

What is an Age Friendly County? The population of County Tipperary is ageing in line with national trends and this presents challenges as well as opportunities. It is about ageing with dignity, independence and self-fulfilment with older people connected and engaged in all aspects of life. It is about nurturing the relationships between young and old and ensuring that older people feel safe, respected and valued in their communities. It is about preparing and managing retirement, pensions, social benefits and services so that older people have an adequate income and are assured of timely and quality services. It is about recognising the potential and opportunities offered by an ageing population and harnessing this potential for the betterment of the individual, the community and the county.

An Age Friendly County therefore is a county ‘that recognises the great diversity among older people and promotes their inclusion in all areas of community life. It is a county that respects their decisions and lifestyle choices and anticipates and responds to related needs and preferences’ (Age Friendly Ireland).

Age Friendly Ireland is based on the 8 World Health Organisation themes and aligned to the National Positive Ageing Strategy (NPAS)

Holistic Nature of Domain WHO Framework

  1. Outdoor Spaces and Buildings
  2. Transportation
  3. Housing
  4. Respect and Social Inclusion
  5. Social Participation
  6. Civic Participation & Employment
  7. Information and Communication
  8. Community & Health Services

Vision of the Tipperary Age Friendly Strategy

Tipperary is an age friendly county where the inclusion of older people is promoted, valued and actively encouraged in all areas of community life, where they are supported to live independently with confidence, security and dignity in their homes for as long as possible and where they are actively encouraged to maintain, improve and manage their health and wellbeing.

Objectives of the Tipperary Age Friendly Strategy

  • to ensure older people feel connected and engaged with their local community
  • to identify opportunities for older people to engage with their County economically, culturally and socially
  • to ensure greater accessibility to shops, services, amenities and buildings
  • to promote positive health and wellbeing as people age
  • to ensure timely, quality and accessible services are in place to support older people to live independently in their own homes
  • to promote a positive attitude to ageing and address stereotypes
  • to work with and within existing community structures, businesses, networks and service providers in the County to enhance communications and build awareness of the needs of older people
  • to build the capacity of older people to effectively engage with the systems, services and decisions that affect them.
  • To plan for the ageing future population to provide for future needs
  • Utilise and encourage available national grant schemes like RAPID, CLÁR, Town and Village Renewal, Community Enhancement Program Schemes to advance and advocate Age Friendly Projects

Tipperary Context

In June 2019 Tipperary County Council will commence the formation of the Tipperary Older Peoples Council hosting public meetings across the county

National Context

Age Friendly has been anchored in the Local Government structure and Tipperary County Council is part of the national age friendly programme.

Tipperary Age Friendly Programme Manager Fiona Crotty Phone +353(0)818 06 5000 email

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