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Cathaoirleach and Mayor's Office Support

Local authorities support the Cathaoirleach (chair person) and mayor by managing invitations to functions, hosting delegations and civic receptions, and supporting the official business of the office.

Welcome from Ger Darcy- Cathaoirleach Tipperary County Council 2023




It is a great honour and privilege for me to serve as Cathaoirleach of Tipperary County Council for the coming year and I vow to work tirelessly towards the betterment of Tipperary and its citizens. 

I acknowledge the importance of investment in Tipperary's growth, and welcome initiatives such as the URDF (Urban Regeneration and Development Fund) and RRDF (Rural Regeneration and Development Fund). These investments will provide a much-needed boost to the county's infrastructure and facilitate economic development, enhancing the lives of its residents. 


Climate Action will be a major focus during my tenure with the Council being required to adopt a new Local Authority Climate Action Plan 2024-2029 (LACAP). Understanding the urgent need to address climate change, I pledge to make this a significant piece of work, ensuring the implementation of sustainable practices throughout the county. 

Recognizing the pressing need for affordable and accessible housing, I am committed to meeting housing targets within Tipperary. By working closely with stakeholders, I intend to address this critical issue, ensuring that all residents have a place to call home. 

Moreover, Tipperary's immense tourism potential will be a focal point during my term, through strategic partnerships and investment in tourism infrastructure, aimed at positioning Tipperary as a must-visit destination, showcasing its natural wonders, historical sites, and cultural offerings. “Tipperary is an extraordinary county, blessed with natural beauty and a rich cultural heritage. It is a place where locals and visitors alike can immerse themselves in the charm of our provincial towns or explore the hidden gems nestled around the County." 

Nenagh, often regarded as the gateway to the Hidden Heartlands, holds a special place of interest for me, strategically located within the Mid-West region. Immersed in a rich history, I look forward to the establishment of the new Historic and Cultural Quarter that will showcase the town's heritage while fostering a thriving creative community. 

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to all those who have supported me and I look forward to collaborating with communities, businesses, voluntary groups, and residents to create a prosperous future for Tipperary.