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Corporate Plan Publication

Local authorities publish five year plans to outline their vision, policies and objectives for the local authority's long term direction.

Corporate Plan 2020- 2024

Corporate Plan 2020-2024 – Tipperary County Council’s vision for the next five years

Tipperary County Council is responsible for providing a wide range of services and supports to a diverse range of customers. Our customers include over 159,500 residents in 69,106 households, approx 14,000 businesses with over 63,400 employees, along with those who visit our county whether for recreation or work.

At its meeting held on Monday 9th March, 2020, Tipperary County Council adopted a new Corporate Plan for the period 2020-2024, which sets out the strategic vision and direction for our County for the next five years.

The Plan describes the kind of Tipperary we want to see in the future and what we will do as the County Council together with all stakeholders, to deliver the vision for the County:–

“Tipperary - A vibrant place where people can live, visit and work in a competitive and resilient economy, a sustainable environment and an inclusive and active community”

The Plan was developed following consultation in late 2019 and early 2020 with the public, community groups, local citizen interest organisations, business groups, Council staff, Councillors and other stakeholders. The aim was to gather as wide a view as possible on what aspirations people had for their County. Following this consultation period, the Corporate Plan was drafted and developed, taking on board existing council plans, public consultation views and relevant legislation.

This plan will serve as the framework for action during the lifetime of this Council, delivered through the supporting strategies of all Directorates in the Council, setting out the ambitions for the County and its communities and the need to drive the County forward in terms of infrastructure, tourism, recreation, amenity and with the goal to make Tipperary a better place to live and conduct business.

This Corporate Plan is your plan, informed by you and your aspirations for your County. It is available to read and download document attached below, at local libraries and Council offices.

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