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Public Archives Access

Archive Services provide researchers, students and the public supervised access to archives in a dedicated reading room.

Tipperary County Archive

Mission Statement:

Tipperary County Archives are here to acquire, preserve and make accessible the documentary memory of County Tipperary.


Tipperary County Archives provide a service both to the public and to its own staff and Council members.

The current holdings fall into 2 groupings: the records of each local authority body in the county in all formats; and private records of relevance to the county (e.g. estate papers, business records, records of clubs and societies and primary school records). Our function is to preserve and make accessible these records, while also ensuring we actively identify and acquire further original material documenting the archival heritage of County Tipperary.

Have you letters, photographs, deeds, ledgers or other records? If so, Tipperary County Archives would love to hear from you. We are delighted to receive items by donation or loan and can assure all depositors that their collections will be properly stored and cared for. The records are stored in purpose built, environmentally controlled conditions and care is taken to ensure they are stored and handled in a manner that ensures their long-term preservation.

The County Archive welcomes all visitors & enquiries, and staff will provide assistance to identify the records of interest to you for your research. While we are unable to undertake actual research on behalf of the public, advice is given on whether there are records held relevant to a query.