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Walled Towns Conservation Programme

Local authorities may run a programme of works and events to protect and preserve historic walled towns.

Related Information

Irish Walled Towns Network (IWTN)

The role of the Irish Walled Towns Network (IWTN) is to unite and co-ordinate strategic efforts of local authorities involved in the management, conservation and enhancement of historic walled towns in Ireland both North and South. It was established in 2005 by the Heritage Council and there are currently 28 members throughout Ireland, 4 of which are in Tipperary, Cashel, Carrick on Suir, Clonmel and Fethard. This publication is about creating a sustainable tourism sector in Irish Historic towns

Tipperary Walled Towns Digital Heritage Project

Gary Dempsey of Digital Heritage Age has been working on a project on the four Tipperary Towns in the Irish Walled Town network during the summer of 2021. He has visited all towns and taken a series of photographs of some of the archaeological features from which he has generated 3 D models. He has collaborated with artist John Flynn who has produced a series of sketches. For Heritage Week 2021 Gary has produced a small exhibition with a sample of these images which are on display in the foyer of the Civic Offices in Carrick on Suir and online.

Tourism for Towns

This is the latest publication from the Irish Walled Towns Network (I.W.T.N), an advisory document that looks at tourism initiatives in historic town.

Walled Towns

The Irish Walled Town Network (IWTN) was established by the Heritage Council in 2005 to unite and co-ordinate the strategic efforts of Local Authorities involved in the management and conservation of historic walled towns in Ireland. There are currently 28 walled towns and villages in the group. Members of the network can apply to the annual grants scheme for funding for capital works and festivals and events promoting the walls. Training and advice on best practice is also available from the network.

Walled Towns Conservation Work Presentation

Clare Lee, Planning, Tipperary County Council, project managed this years conservation on the walls in Carrick on Suir and Cashel and gave this presentation to the Clonmel Historical Society.