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Safety on the Roads

The Road Safety Authority (RSA) has primary responsibility for the promotion of Road Safety Awareness throughout Ireland. Tipperary County Council in conjunction with the Road Safety Authority is committed to promoting and creating awareness of all aspects of road safety in Tipperary. This includes visits to schools where possible and supporting the Cycle Training Schemes with schools.

The three main causes of death and injury on Irish roads are speeding, drink driving and non-wearing of seat belts.

  1. Excessive or inappropriate speeding is the cause of a quarter of all fatal crashes each year.
  2. Drink driving is a factor in over one third of all fatal crashes in Ireland.
  3. Without a seat belt three out of four people will be killed or seriously injured in a head-on collision.

The County Council operates a programme of education and awareness of Road Safety which involves promoting the need for caution and awareness of the dangers on the roads in Tipperary.

This Programme includes visits to schools by the Road Safety Officer where possible. With the co-operation of teachers, the GardaĆ­ and parents these schemes make a significant contribution to Road Safety.