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Road Safety Education and Awareness

Local authorities provide information and advice to schools, groups and the public to promote road safety education and awareness.

Go Safe Speed Camera Locations in Tipperary

Please see a list of the 'Go Safe' Speed Camera Locations in Tipperary. This list was updated and came into force in February 2020. The locations of the speed camera were determined based on the analysis of collision locations.

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Tipperary Road Safety Strategy 2022-2030


Adopting the international best practice of Vision Zero and the Safe Systems approach to Road Safety sets a very high standard and challenges us to keep Ireland’s road safety standards among the very best in the world.  Vision Zero is a long-term goal aimed at eradicating road traffic deaths and serious injuries by 2050. To prevent fatalities or serious injuries on our roads, we must continue to tackle road safety strategically and collectively. 

This Road Safety Strategy, developed by stakeholders involved in promoting and improving road safety in Tipperary, sets out a collaborative approach to improving road safety in the county in the period up to 2030.  Building on former road safety interventions and strategy, there will be a co-ordinated approach to the delivery of services.  All the actions included come under the 7 Safe System Priority Intervention Areas.

The first part of this Document comprises the Strategy itself for 2022-2030.  Part 2 comprises the Phase 1 Action Plan for 2022-2024.  This Action Plan will be reviewed in 2024/2025 and suitable amendments to the Phase 2 Action Plan for 2025-2027 will be made if necessary.  Part 3 presents a Post-Plan Review of the Tipperary Road Safety Strategy 2018-2020 (extended to 2021).

There are additional forms of transport such as e-scooters and e-bikes which did not exist on our roads until recent years.  Legislation governing the use of e-scooters and e-bikes is currently making its way through the Houses of the Oireachtas in the Road Traffic and Roads Bill 2021. We in County Tipperary will have to make provisions for their use in terms of urban road design and consider appropriate measures in our Phase 1 Action Plan.

There are currently more people walking and cycling largely as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic but also to be healthier, more active, and to reduce their carbon emissions.  However, concerns around the safety of active travel remain high and many people continue to be deterred from walking and cycling on our roads.  Developing high-quality walking and cycling facilities and infrastructure under the Tipperary Active Travel Programme will encourage more people to walk and cycle to work and school instead of making the journey by car. 

Road safety is a shared responsibility.  No one form of transport takes primacy over another.   Everyone is entitled to use the road - whether a pedestrian, cyclist, e-scooter user, motorcyclist or motorist - and not have their safety or life put at risk because of the dangerous behaviour of others.  Critical to success will be the level of interaction with all road users, to continue the marked change in personal behaviours and attitudes and to bring about further responsible road user behaviours in order to achieve a safer road environment.  We have a difficult journey ahead, but by adopting strategic, co-ordinated approaches to tackle road safety issues, we will be in the best position to improve outcomes for road safety in Tipperary.




Related Information

Be Winter-Ready

Advice is being made available from a number of sources including Government Departments, An Garda Síochána, the Health Service Executive, Local Authorities and the transport providers through a dedicated website,

The advice has been categorised under various headings including: the Home, Road Safety, Schools, the Farming Community and the Business Sector. A synopsis of the information available has been compiled into a booklet which can be downloaded from the website.

Check it Fits- Car Safety Checks

For many parents, fitting a child’s car seat correctly can be really difficult – and that’s once you have worked out which one to buy. The good news is that the Road Safety Authority (RSA) has a new, full-time, nationwide, free expert service to help parents, grandparents and guardians to choose the right child seat or restraint and fit it safely and securely in their cars. The service is called ‘Check it Fits’.

Currently, in Ireland, incorrectly fitted child car seats are a significant cause for concern, with as many as 3 out of 4 seats potentially fitted incorrectly.

Election Posters Roads Protocol

Tipperary County Council wishes to advise that there is a protocol in place with respect to placement of posters along roads and streets in County Tipperary.

Road Safety Annual Reports

The Mission Statement contained in the strategy is “To create a greater

awareness of road safety through all our stakeholders with the aim of

reducing the number, severity and life-changing impact of road collisions,

thereby making County Tipperary a safer place for all road users.”

Each year the Roads & Transport Section release an annual report outlining performance against the Road Safety Strategy. These can be accessed below.

Safety on the Roads

The Road Safety Authority (RSA) has primary responsibility for the promotion of Road Safety Awareness throughout Ireland. Tipperary County Council in conjunction with the Road Safety Authority is committed to promoting and creating awareness of all aspects of road safety in Tipperary. This includes visits to schools where possible and supporting the Cycle Training Schemes with schools.

The three main causes of death and injury on Irish roads are speeding, drink driving and non-wearing of seat belts.