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Speed Limit Setting Consultation

Local authorities may set special speed limits near built-up areas, schools and housing estates to improve road safety for all road users. You can have an input into the proposed speed limits through consultation.

Road Traffic (Special Speed Limits) (County of Tipperary) Bye-Laws

The Road Traffic (Special Speed Limits) (County of Tipperary) Bye-Laws 2017 were adopted by the Members of Tipperary County Council on 10th July 2017. This is the first time that there has been one set of Bye-Laws to cover all of County Tipperary.

The Bye-Laws came into operation as follows:

Regional and Local Roads: Monday, 11 September 2017

National Roads: Monday, 13 November 2017

The most significant change is:

  • Housing Estates which were built by the Council or have been Taken in Charge by the Council have a 30 km/h speed limit with effect from the 11th September, 2017. Private housing estates are not included in these Bye-Laws. The list of housing estates to which the 30 km/h speed limit applies can be found in Schedule 2 of the Bye-Laws.

For full details on the Bye-Laws and how they affect you please see attached pdf below.

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Related Information

Speed Limits for Vehicles other than Cars

Some drivers must obey speed limits for their vehicles as well as speed limits for the roads on which they are travelling. This is outlined below:

Vehicle Speed Limit

65 kilometres an hour (65km/h) on all roads

Type of Vehicle to which it applies

A single or double deck bus designed for carrying standing passengers.

Vehicle Speed Limit

80 kilometres an hour (80km/h) on all roads except motorways

Speed Limits on Motorways

A speed limit of 120 kilometres per hour is in place on all motorways. You should note that learner drivers, vehicles under 50 cc, bicycles, pedestrians, animals and invalid carriages are not allowed on motorways in Ireland.

Tractors can be driven on the motorway providing that it is capable of reaching a minimum speed of 50 kilometres per hour. Furthermore, you're not allowed to use the outside lane of the motorway is you're towing a trailer or a horsebox.