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Disabled Parking Bays

Local authorities may provide designated parking bays for drivers or drivers of passengers with a disability permit.

Disabled Parking Application Form

Application Process

Applicants must complete the required form and submit a copy of their blue badge, the vehicle registration document for the vehicle registered at their address and a fee of €100. Any unsuccessful applicants will have their fee refunded within four months of the original application date.

Appeals Process

Where an applicant is unhappy with any decision made by the District Engineer in relation to the provision of a disabled persons’ on-street parking place, he/she may appeal to the District Administrator to have the case reviewed within three months of receiving the letter of refusal. The applicant must state the grounds for the appeal. The Senior Engineer will then consider the appeal and inform the applicant of the outcome within 21 days. Should the applicant remain dissatisfied, the Council’s complaints procedure will then apply.

Data Protection

The Council will collect and hold personal information of people who apply for disabled persons’ parking places for as long as it is necessary to maintain any parking place provided at their request. Where an application is unsuccessful, the information will be held for no longer than four months following receipt of the application.

Other information

A designated disabled persons’ parking place is for the use of any Blue Badge holder and is not for the exclusive use of the original applicant. The disabled parking bay cannot be utilised by another member of the household/family where they do not have a permit. This may result in members of the household being unable to park in front of their house and to do so may result in a fine.

Related Information

Adopted Policy for Disabled Parking Bays in Residential Areas

It is recognised that for many disabled people an adapted vehicle is
the only fully accessible form of transport and a way of maintaining
their independence. The Local Authority receives numerous
requests to install disabled parking spaces in the vicinity of people’s