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Arts Act Grant

Local authorities may provide financial support to arts practitioners and amateur groups to support community projects that promote interest in the arts.

Arts Act Grant Scheme 2024

Arts Act Grant Scheme 2024

The Arts Act Grant Scheme is now closed for 2024. 

Tipperary County Council invites applications for assistance under the Arts Act Grant Scheme 2024. The Tipperary Arts Act Grant Scheme is intended to assist organisations with arts related costs, run an arts programme, project or event which would, in the opinion of the Council, deliver quality arts experiences to participants and audiences, to increase opportunities for participation and engagement in the arts and to contribute to the development of the arts in the county.

The Arts means any creative or interpretative expression (whether traditional or contemporary) and includes in particular visual arts, theatre, literature, music, dance, opera, film, circus and architecture and includes any medium when used for those purposes.

Applications should be made on the official application form and should comply with the guidelines set out by Tipperary County Council.

The guidelines to the scheme are available below.