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How much will my application cost?

You must pay a fee with the planning application and it must accompany the application or it will be invalid. The amount depends on the type of development proposed and the type of permission sought. You pay a flat rate fee for an application to construct a new house while fees for commercial developments are based on the floor area. Reduced rates apply to applications for outline permission and a refund of fees may arise for certain repeat applications. The fees for applications for permission to retain unauthorised development are three times greater than the normal fee. Full details of fees are listed in the explanatory notes accompanying the application form. In addition to the fee you pay at the time of application, it may be a condition of any grant of planning permission that you also pay a development contribution to the planning authority. This contributes to the cost of public infrastructure and facilities (e.g. roads, surface water drainage, recreational and community facilities, etc.) which facilitates your development. Development contributions differ from place to place and for different types of development. They are separate from any fees you may pay for connection to services such as water and sewerage. You can ask your planning authority for details. A Guide to Making a P